Most of us love to be outside at this time of the year and who doesn’t want to be as comfortable outside as they are inside of their home. Let’s talk about all of the great things that we can bring outside to make our time there more comfortable and fun.
  1. Area rug (outdoors)
  2. Dining Seating
  3. Deep seating (couches)
  4. Chaise Lounges
  5. Chairs (bamboo, rattan, metal, plastic)
  6. Pillows (outdoors)
  7. Lighting (lanterns, chandeliers, candles, string lights)
  8. Décor (outdoor metal décor)
  9. Planters (different sizes)
  10. Plants (tropical, not tropical, different colors, evergreens)
  11. Privacy Screens (lattice, bamboo shades, outdoor curtains)
  12. Fire Place/Fire Pit
  13. Kitchen area (BBQ, frig)
  • A little bit of traditional, a little bit modern gives you transitional.
  • Bamboo/rattan chairs & love seat.
  • A chaise made from wood with some nice details on the legs.
  • A bamboo or sisal outdoor rug with some color on the trim.
  • Paper lanterns can be hung above the seating area. Whether it’s in a gazebo or under a yawning the lights will let you stay outside longer and give you a comfortable feeling.
  • Blue ceramic planters to play off of the blue in the rug trim. (or color of choice)
  • Maybe a fire place/fire pit to warm things up on a cooler Summer night. Of course you could still use the fire place/fire pit during Fall & Spring nights.
  • If you need some extra privacy for your yard you can hang some roller bamboo shades, outdoor curtains or install some lattice near by. If you have an apartment with a balcony/deck you can still use these materials for privacy from those neighbors that are a lot closer. You could put lattice into a long planter on the balcony/deck if you can not install the shades or curtains.
  • BBQ or full kitchen area with a frig.
  • All of these materials are comfortable, traditional feeling with a twist to make them Transitional.

  • Here we have some fun chairs to sit in that are made from natural materials. (Rattan).
  • A hammock to lay in, in the shade to relax in or even look at the stars at night.
  • Fun color rug adds color to the yard or balcony/deck.
  • Some fun lighting options to keep with that whimsical feel.
  • Pillows that have lots of color and texture to them give a splash of color to a chair or couch.
  • A fun table and benches to eat at will add color to your outdoor space as well.
  • Add a BBQ and some great food and you have a very fun space for all ages.

  • Great deep jewel tone colors and lots of candle light are one great way to start with a Moroccan outdoor space.
  • This style needs some great deep seating. Big and comfortable seating. An outside daybed is a great option for this style. Add loads of pillows in deep jewel tone colors with some curtains for shade. Of course a regular outside couch or sectional with cushions & pillows in the Moroccan colors will also bring this style together.
  • A great multi color rug, dark colors to go with the rest of the décor. A rug that has some great design will really bring this style together.
  • Lanterns, lanterns and more lanterns will really add to this style. Reds, oranges, greens & purple jewel tones make this style come alive.
  • For an apartment balcony/deck you could buy some low chairs with pillows and cushions. A small rug to anchor the space. A small table to put some lanterns with candles on and you have set the style.

  • A beautiful outdoor rug will set the tone for this style. Pick a favorite color of yours that you use in your home and buy a rug that is similar. Maybe blues, reds or whites.
  • Buy chairs, couches, or chaises that have traditional feel to them with curves.
  • Wicker/rattan/bamboo always comes to mind when we think of Traditional for outdoor spaces. It has a comfortable & warm feeling. Add some great pillows to these chairs, couches or chaises and you have achieved this style.
  • Some lanterns with candles or some string lights will add to the comfortable and warm feeling of this style.
  • Great patterns for this style could be flowers, paisley, or damask.
  • You can easily transform an apartment balcony/deck into a Traditional style with all these same ideas, just on a smaller scale.


  • When we think of modern, we lean towards animal prints to give a pop of interest. We also think of grays, whites, and blacks.
  • This inspiration board has a zebra print rug and paper lantern to give the pop of interest and texture.
  • With Modern it’s all about the straight clean lines in the décor. We brought plenty of that in here.
  • Chairs, tables, chaises, and sectionals all bring this style together with their straight clean lines.
  • Add pops of color with green planters or some great pillows will add texture, color and interest to this style. Circles in the pillows give a little softness to all the straight clean lines in the furniture.


  1. JustJenn says

    Love all these ideas!! I love the different colors and textures you use in each mood board. The mood boards are especially helpful for someone like me who knows what she wants but can't put it together.

    Fantastic blog – please keep up the good (and helpful) work!!

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