Fall Redesign – The Living Room

I love decorating for the Fall. It’s my favorite time of the year. It only took me about 30 minutes to transform from Summer decor to Fall decor…..and I didn’t spend any new money. I pretty much decorate with the same materials each year. I love Burnt Orange and Sage Green together or Burnt Orange and Light Slate Blue. I have a neutral Living Room already with light Beige on the walls, black leather couch and a pretty neutral area rug.

Before with Summer Decor
After with Fall Decor

I changed the Slate Blue curtains for Burnt Orange lined curtains first. Then I put the Slate Blue pillows away and brought out the Burnt Orange ones. (The blue pillows are actually red underneath and the blue is a pillow cover). Then I took my multi colored Slate Blue throw from our Master Bedroom and put it on the couch. I added white craft pumpkins, faux gourds and some burnt orange flowers (in place of the blue Hydrangeas that were there) and I was done with the switch from Summer to Fall.
I also bought new lamps and shades for the Living Room. The old ones were too dark for the room and didn’t give us good light (1st picture). Now these new crackled crystal bases and white drum shades give great light in the room and I love the new look to the room. (lamps and shades purchased at Target)

Money Saving Tips:
  • Great way to save money would be to buy pillow covers and just buy one set of the pillow insert. You can now have a “new” look for each season or each time you just want to refresh the room.
  • Switch pillows, decor, or throws from other rooms and get a different look in the other room.


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