House Tour – The Bathroom

Welcome to our main Bathroom.  Actually our only bathroom…except for the one in the apartment downstairs that my Mom lives in.  When we bought the house the bathroom was already done, except the walls were white.  So we added a medium Sage Green to the walls and the accessories were sage green and a slate blue.  Here is what the bathroom looks like now.

Those are faux wood blinds that we bought at JCPenny.  Love them.

But after 3.5 years now, I want to change the color. I want it to feel more spa like, so I want a nice light Turquoise color for the walls now.  Here is where I found my inspiration.  Yes those are washcloths that I found at Home Goods.  And small little bowls I also found at Home Goods.  This was all the inspiration I needed.  I can paint this room by myself if hubby doesn’t want to help me.  So the Turquoise in the washcloth will be the paint color, the beige is the tiles and countertop and I want to add in a little more white to the room.  Not sure about new towels yet, but I will find something we love.

Here are some pictures that inspired me for my bathroom makeover.

So stay tuned for my mini bathroom make over.
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