Finally Completed “Project Paper”

At the beginning of January IHeartOrganizing had a Paper Project Challenge.  At the end of the month everyone gets to link up to their blogs so that everyone can see what others did for the challenge.
Well I finally finished the challenge at the end of February.  Better late then never.



I’m very exciting that I finally finished this challenge and that I’m finally organized.
Anyone else take this challenge?  Any other organized spaces?  Do share!!!
Check out her next challenge…february-challenge-project-photography, it’s all about digital pictures storage and hard copy storage.  I can’t wait to find the time for this challenge.  I’ll get to it because it’s important.  Make sure you check out all the post to do with the photography challenge….some really great ideas from Jen at IHeartOrganizing.  Thanks for sharing Jen. 
Thanks for stopping by.  I would love to hear from you, so please leave a message.  Have a great day everyone.


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    WAHOO!! Go girl go! Great job, and you are right, better late than never! I hope you find mega benefits, sending you virtual hugs for a job well done!

    Thanks so much for sharing!


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