Laundry Room Cabinets Installed

Over the past weekend we installed our IKEA cabinets in our Laundry Room.  You can check out the first steps of this project here.
This is the rail system that the Akurum horizontal cabinets are installed on. Though I do believe that most Ikea cabinets are hung this way. So much easier to hang upper cabinets this way. It’s an awesome system that the Swedish came up with. Just make sure that when you install the rail you find where the beams are and drill the screws in at the beams. This way your rail system is holding all the weight of the cabinets. All we had to do was cut down the size of the rail to the size we needed. My hubby used a grinder, but you can also use a hacksaw to cut the rail.

We had to install one rail for each row of cabinets.  They give really good directions with their cabinets for installation.  Don’t worry, they actually give you words and real pictures of how to install the cabinets.  Ikea is very known for their cartoon directions with no words.  The actual instructions to put together the cabinets are still in cartoon directions, but not the installation of the rails and how to install the cabinets themselves.
Here are all the cabinets open with the glass shelves that the cabinets come with.
We ordered horizontal cabinets because our hot water heater is right next to them towards the left of this picture.  You can check out where the hot water heater is here.  Our old cabinets that we had there didn’t open the right way and we had to duck under them because they opened up to the right and not the left.  These new cabinets will give us a lot more storage space anyway.
These Ikea cabinets come with the “quite close” already installed in the cabinets hardware that you see here.  So no slamming of cabinet doors.  LOVE IT!!!
And here are the cabinets closed.  We picked the Adel cabinet doors.  You can pick any of there cabinet door fronts, so whatever your style is you can have it, in any of the finishes that they sell.

Underneath the cabinets is our freezer.  We love that we have extra space for something like this since we don’t have a garage to put a full frig.  And we received the freezer for free.  Someone that we were picking up free wood fencing from 2 years ago was throwing out their freezer, so we took it.  Reusing is a great thing when you can.  We cleaned it out well and it works great.  It has a few dents, but it works.
Stay tuned for the next part of the project.  We aren’t sure what comes next, it might be the outside door/screen door that goes to the backyard or it might be the new flooring we already brought home.  More details on both the new door/screen door & the option we went with for flooring.  I’m really excited to show you the new flooring.  You will never guess what it really is, we didn’t.
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