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I have been soooo inspired by iHeart Organizing lately.  Jen has an awesome organizing blog and she is very inspirational to so many people.  And she makes organizing stylish too.  Thanks Jen!!!
I decided I needed to continue to organize my home office after I took Jen’s Monthly Challenge in January for her “Project Paper” challenge.  Check out this post here.  That was the kick in the butt I needed to get my home office organized.  Thanks Jen. IHeart you and your blog.
So I decided to take on one area of the home office at a time.  First I tackled my cubbie/drawer area.  I have had these pieces in so many different configurations over the years and they are still functional, so we will keep them for now.  They hold so much stuff it’s great for storage and just a little bit of decor display area.
So what do you think?  Here is the before and after pictures.  I took everything out of the top cubbies and just sorted through and made piles.  Keep, Toss & Garage Sale.  Then the “Keep” pile went back in, more organized this time and I was done.  All the drawers have cloths type of stuff in them.  Some hats, scarves & gloves in three drawers {they are small drawers}, one electronic drawer & the big drawer on the bottom holds some extra towels.
The Before and After of the two door cubbies.
I have two more cabinets in this room that I need to organize.  One that holds lots of bathroom type of stuff, but that is a small cabinet and the other cabinet is my Grandmothers armoire, which is large and holds lots of decor.  I will make this armoire my main hub for extra decor that I change out through the year.  It will be a great place to house everything I have and hopefully some extra stuff too.  So stay tuned for that post hopefully in a few weeks.
Thanks for stopping by.  I would love to here from you, so please leave me a message or send me an email if you want with any questions or comments.


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    Less is definitely better for your home office space. While some of the stuffs looked kinda cute, like those long bead-necklace things–they had to go. More clutter can be a bit distracting and makes you less organized at work.

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    A neat and organized workplace reflects the personality of the inhabitant, and it's cool that you're taking a stand on being organized! Also, take it one step/area at a time, so you'll have a clear mind on how to tackle it.

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