Our Family Room Tour – Part 1

This is our biggest project to date that we did all DIY {except for electric and cement work}.  This will be a long tour because there is a lot of work that I want to be able to share with you.  So please stay tuned for multiple posts and lots of pictures.
 Get ready now for some ugliness!!!  The previous owners let their 4 children do whatever they wanted in this house.  The paneling on all these walls had writing and drawings all over, so it had to come down no matter what.  And they also let their multiple cats and dogs do their “business” in the house.  Let’s just say when you walked into the lower level of this house, it smelled really bad and I’m being nice.  I’m also allergic to dogs and cats, so that didn’t help me any.  But the lower level is a cement slab so we just had to rip the glued down carpet from the cement and throw it out.  We wore masks and the windows were open.  It wasn’t easy, but it had to be done.
So here is the hallway in the lower level.  The doorway straight ahead goes upstairs to the left of the doorway.  If you look closely on the left side paneled wall, there is a brown door {see the brass doorknob}.  That is the first bedroom when you came down the stairs.  Look down at the carpet….yes that is “pet stains”.  YUCK!!!
Here is what the inside of that bedroom looked like…..stains and all.
At the opposite end of that hallway was the 2nd bedroom {doorway on right}.  Which really used to be the garage back in the day, until the previous owners did a garage conversion and put in the two bedrooms instead.
Inside the 2nd bedroom.  Don’t you love that pretty window treatment.  Yup it’s a Mint Green blind, that was to wide and to short for the window.  This pretty white box on the wall was the cover to the electric box. We had to come up with something else, so stay tuned for our little trick to hide the electric box.
The pretty ugly closet in the 2nd bedroom.  We kept the closet and made lots of extra storage, so stay tuned for what we came up with for that.  And there is the Laundry/Utility Room in the background.
Here were the not so pretty shelves right outside of the Laundry Room.  They were completely in the way and came down very quickly before anyone hit their head on them.
Here is the layout of the way the area used to look like until we took some hammers to the bedroom walls and doorways.  The walls were just the paneling over 2×4 stubs….nothing else in between the walls.  So demo was easy and fun!!!
This view was the greatest view I had seen since we bought the house.  Now it was a wide open blank slate for us to create what we wanted.
That is the doorway to the Laundry/Utility Room and the closet next to it.

Now we had a step to deal with.  The lower end was the old garage area, so it was lower then the rest of the house.  The doorway is the doorway near the stairs.  So we had to decide if we wanted to keep the step or fill it in with cement.
Doorway to Laundry Room on left, closet on right.
So please stay tuned for the next part of our Family Room Tour.  We have lots of pictures and projects to share with you.
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