Our Family Room Tour – Part 5 {Ceiling, Flooring & Paint}

We wanted to do something different for our ceiling.  Plus we didn’t want to hang drywall on the ceiling.  I’m just sayin’. {haha}

So we looked around at Lowe’s, Home Depot & a local store on Long Island called Long Island Paneling.  We were thinking some sort of white wood for the ceiling, we just didn’t know what kind of material we wanted to use.  So we settled on Armstrong Ceiling Planks that we bought at Home Depot. 

Introducing Armstrong Ceiling Planks .  This is where I got my inspiration from.  We bought the Country Classic Plank.  You can paint or stain them if you want.  Check out the other products they have online.  The planks have beveled edges and a tongue & groove system to install them.  These aren’t your Grandma’s ceiling tiles, but they are made of the same material.  But don’t worry the planks do not look anything like your Grandma’s ceiling tiles…they look like painted wood.  We loved it, we bought it, we installed it.

OK, you are getting a small peek of one of the wall colors in this picture.  More on that soon.

A close-up of the planks on the ceiling.
OK, I wanted to show you the ceiling planks first, now here is how the rest of the room came together.
Here is what the room looked like when we primed the whole room.  We didn’t want to paint after the ceiling was up, so we painted the whole room first, then put up the ceiling and laid the floor.

We painted an accent wall at the far end of the room.  It’s Valspar “Beach House” color, but we used Benjamin Moore Natura paint.  It’s their no-VOC paint and it was great.  Didn’t smell.

We even painted the inside of the closet the same blue color as the accent wall.  We put a closet organizer from Ikea in this closet.  More on that soon.

And we painted the rest of the room Valspar’s “Swoosh” color, but again we used Benjamin Moore Natura paint.  It’s a nice “Sand” color paint.  I was going for a modern beachy cottage look with this room and these two colors represented sand and water.  I wanted the room to feel light and airy.

Then we started on the flooring.  We chose to go with a laminate flooring since this is a cement slab foundation.  We went to Lumber Liquidators and decided on “Dream Home – St. James 12mm African Mahogany” laminate flooring.

We installed the flooring ourselves.  Lumber Liquidators sells an installation kit which includes a block, pull bar and shims.  Only other things you will need is a rubber mallet, a miter saw for the short cuts and a table saw for the long cuts.  You can also buy the blue underlament, molding, quarter round molding & stair treads, just to name a few other things at LL.  LL has a lot of products to chose from.  You can order samples online if you don’t have one near you.

Here is a close up.  From one row to the next, remember to keep all seams 6 inches or more apart.

Well the room is almost together at this point.  Next I will show you the moldings we used for this room and I will show you how we hid those electric boxes.
Thanks for stopping by.  I would love to hear from you, so please leave me a message.  Have a great day.


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    no more squinting, now I know about the ceiling planks :) looks great!

    we are in the process of installing a similar floor (St. James Brazilian Koa also from LL)…we used it in our sunroom, too…what an improvement over the laminate you get at Home Depot/Lowes!

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    Hi Jen! We liked your story so much we talked about it on our Facebook page! (armstrongresidentialceilings) Enjoy your new ceiling – and room!

    Kim with Armstrong Residential Ceilings

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