Our Family Room Tour – Part III {Doorways & Walls}

We made one of the doorways wider and fixed one of the walls.

You can see the “before”, “during” & “after” here.  We had to move one light switch so we could make the doorway bigger.  We loved that it completely opened open this area.  We assume at some point they must of had a door there and a door at the bottom of the stairs.  So basically once you got to the bottom of the stairs, there was a doorjam.  Then you turned into the room and there was another doorjam, but they didn’t have doors.  It had to go!!!  Now it’s just an entranceway we love.

Now this wall had this weird bump out, {all the way to the right}.  See it there?  We didn’t want it there, but we weren’t sure if there was piping or a support beam there.  We opened a small hole and there was nothing but 2×4’s in there, so we took the weird little bump out, out.  We also wanted to insulate this wall.  On the other side of this wall is the apartment where my Mom lives and we both wanted more privacy.
You can see the weird little bump out better in this picture.  See only 2×4’s where there and then a support beam was behind that.  So the 2×4’s came out.
Back by the stair area, we were taking out the remainder of the doorjam at the bottom of the stairs.  It really opened this up for that whole area.
Doorway gone and weird bump out gone.
Now this wall was nice and straight.
“The Room Before”

“The Room After”

The Family Room is now 25′ L x15′ W
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