Household Binder Challenge – Done!!!

I was very excited when Jen over at IHeart Organizing came up with her March Challenge for a Household Binder.  Check it out and if you want to get some free printables for a binder that you have been meaning to put together, they are only available until April 9, 2011.

So here is how my Household Binder turned out.
I bought this binder at Target.  Loved the pattern.
Here are the pocket tabs that I used.  I bought them at Target also.  Check out the categories I used for my binder.  They might change over time and I do have a few tabs left over, so I still have room to expand the binder if I need or want to.

Auto Log template from IHeart Organizing.
Blog Ideas template from IHeart Organizing.
Blog Checklist template from IHeart Organizing.

A year calendar from IHeart Organizing.
I made up my own contacts list.
I also made my own Freezer/Pantry Inventory list.  I will laminate this one and put it on the side of our frig for now, because that is where it will help us the most.  This is a form I have needed for awhile, but didn’t know where to start until now.  IHeart Organizing made a little bit of a different one.  This one worked better for our household.
This is the cleaning schedule I came up with.  It’s basically like the one that IHeart Organizing put together, just a little different.  I will laminate this one also and just erase the daily & weekly check markers where needed.  I already bought the dry erase markers for this.  Check out this post for the materials I bought for this project.
This is the great gift giving plan form.  You can keep track of all of your gifts you buy throughout the year and if you are working from a budget, this form will keep you on budget.
I was very excited that Jen @ IHeart Organizing came up with this checklist.  Check out the Home Maintenance checklist.  These are for jobs around the house that need to be done over each year.  It’s great, so you don’t forget anything around your home.  You could laminate this sheet also and check things off as you go and you could put a date at the end of each line.  Then the following time you are supposed to do it, you put in the new date.
I made this list for all the work that we have done and for all the work we will do on our home.  This way down the road when we need to fix something or update something, we can look at this list and see how many months or years ago we did the work and who did the work.  We do a lot of our own work, but we do hire contractors sometimes to do work we just can’t do. 
Here is where I’m going to keep my house ideas.  Projects I want to work on at some point, things I might want to buy for the house, etc.
Now this one I wanted to break out from the “Home Maintenance Checklist”.  I wanted to make sure that each Smoke Alarm & each Carbon Monoxide/Gas alarms were taken care of each year.  These alarms actually have expiration dates on them and you need to replace the actual devise, not just replace the batteries once or twice a year.  We found this out last year when our Carbon Monoxide/Gas alarm went off in our Utility Room.  We have gas for cooking, dryer & heating, so I grabbed the phone and dialed the gas company which transferred me to 911.  Yup the Fire Department came to our house.  We opened the windows before we left the house and we waited outside of the house until they arrived.  It scared the cr*p out of me for sure.  They asked us how long we had the alarm and we only have it for 3 years.  They told us they are good for about 5 years.  There is an expiration date on each alarm.  So we learned a lesson to keep these alarms clean of dust and make sure you change them out when they need to be.  They checked our whole house for gas and they found nothing, so we were safe.
Important dates are next.  Gotta remember all of our family & friends birthdays & anniversaries.
Here we have an Important Information form.  All those numbers that you spend some time looking for.  Looking at old contracts or business cards.  Now they can all be in one place.  Insurance Agents, Contractors, Bank Account Number, etc. 
I made a weekly menu planner for our household.
This is our “Master To-Do-List”.  Date, To-Do, Room & Target Date.  I will use this one just for the projects that we will actually do in our home.  Yes this is similar to the “House Ideas” list, but I will use that one for any ideas.
Since I was already doing one binder, I figured I should finally do my recipe binder.  So I bought a cheap white binder and made it pretty.
This time I only used colorful tab dividers, but not with pockets.  I didn’t feel I needed the pockets for this binder.
I went to Michael’s Craft store to get some scrapbook paper.  I cut it down to size for each side.  And this is what I was left with…..prettiness!!!
The backside.

Here are my two pretty binders.
Thanks for stopping by.  I would love to hear from you, so please leave a message.  Have a great day everyone.


  1. says

    Hi, I only just found out about the binders so haven't created one myself but decided to peruse around and see what everyone came up with and get some great ideas!

    I'm doing a recipe binder for my cousins wedding this summer-I really like the pretty patterns you chose for yours :)

  2. says

    I love this, I used a lot of IHeart Organizings stuff as well although most of it I remade myself. I haven't got to put my binder to use yet (I move into my first apartment in a week) but I can't wait! I can just feel the organization! :)

    -Jess @ That's Sew Crafty

  3. says

    Love how you organized yours and adapted them to your needs. I am getting ready to make one but there are certain things I will have to "re-make" for our home needs as well. Do you have links to print the couple organizer sheets that you made?

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