Our Family Room Tour – Part 7 {How We Hid Our Electric Boxes}

We hid them in plane site actually.  Here are the electric boxes in our Family Room and of course on our feature wall, so we had to hide them somehow.  We thought about making another nicer boxed out front for it.  See the orginal boxed out front here.  But I really didn’t want that.  Then I thought about a canvas piece of art.  Now I just had to find something that fit the size I needed and we had to figure out how to hang it so we could still get to the electric boxes quick enough.  We didn’t want to lift off the art each time we needed to get to the electric boxes.

So we figured we could use hinges to hang the art.  And it worked out perfect.  I believe the art piece was a 30×30 inch canvas that we bought at Chiasso.  They don’t carry this piece anymore, but they do have some other canvas pieces.
We needed to build a frame around the electric boxes because they were not flush with the wall.  We used 1×2 inch pieces of wood all the way around the electric boxes first.  Then we attached the two hinges on the right side of the wood strips and canvas.

Close up of the hinges we used.

Then we had to figure out how to keep the canvas door closed.  Yup that is velcro.  Works great.  We just stapled it to the canvas and the wood strips.

No more electric boxes.  YAY!!!

You can check out all the work we have done on this room here, here, here, here and here.  We are getting really close to the big reveal of the Family Room, so stayed tuned.  Just one or two more posts and then the big reveal of the room.

Thanks for stopping by everyone!!!  Have a great day!!!  :)

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