Our Pantry Organized

I recently cleaned out our pantry.  It’s just a little itty bitty closet in our hallway, but it helps out a lot.  Sorry I don’t have any befores.  Just picture everything all over the place with now rhythm or reason on each shelf.  Now there is organization!

The two baskets at the top have light bulbs in one & extension cords in the other.

I really would like to do more to this closet.  Something fun.  Maybe some paint on the walls and maybe some contact paper on the shelves to make them pretty looking when you open the door.  We will see down the line though.  We have other things in the house that are more important to us right now.  Lots of other projects to finish up.  Then maybe I will come back to this closet and make it look pretty!

I linked up to IHeartOrganizing.  Check out the gorgeous pantry she blogged about today.



  1. says

    Hi There!

    Popp'n over from iheart organizing!

    i love a good pantry re-fashion! well done!! :)

    do share where you found the risers for your canned goods…?

    i look forward to poking around a bit – i can always use some design advice.


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