Purging The Bathroom, Plus a Little Bling

Well as small as our bathroom is, it still needed to be purged and organized!!!  Here are my before & after’s.

Under the sink – Before
One little basket under the sink was not doing it for this bathroom.  Yikes!!!
Add a few other baskets and it’s all organized now.  Some stuff was thrown out also.  The wire mess basket drawer is from Bed Bath & Beyond.  I believe it was $19.99 and the wicker baskets are from Home Goods. I bought them as a set and they were $19.99.  $40 total to organize and have some sanity under there.

Onto the drawers now.  This is where I keep all my hair products {headbands, scrunchies, brushes}.  There was stuff I just didn’t use anymore or the elastic was worn out – gone now!!!  I needed something to organize these two drawers better.
I found these great pieces at Bed Bath & Beyond also.  They were in the kitchen drawer organizer area, but they worked perfectly for my drawer.  Four bins each for the two drawers worked out great to organize everything into smaller bins.  They were $5.49 & $4.99 each, I bought 4 of the larger ones and 4 of the smaller ones.  So for a total of $41.92, I was able to organize two of the four drawers.  The other two drawers have vitamins and other larger products in them, so they didn’t need this type of product.  I just reorganized those other two drawers and was done with them.
Here they are in the empty drawer.  There is about an inch in the back and an inch on the side, otherwise they fit perfectly for what I needed them for.
Next drawer “Before”.
Onto the BLING now!!!
We have been living with the pulls & knobs that the vanity came with, that the previous owners installed.  BUT the finish on them was not the same finish as the rest of the pieces in the bathroom.  Everything else in the bathroom is Brushed Nickel.  So after 3.5 years I had to change them.
I found a cheap version of crystal knobs at Target.  Yup Target came through in a big way when it came to these knobs.  Four knobs for $14.99.  I saw similar knobs at Lowe’s and they were $6.99 each {$27.96 total}.  I needed four of them.  So I saved $12.97.
Here is the vanity before with the old knobs & pulls.
Here is the after with the new pulls and knobs.  We bought the pulls from Lowe’s.  They were $2.99 each I believe.
Here is a close up.  I really like them.  We are actually thinking about replacing all the knobs on our bedroom furniture.  It will cost us about $100 to do that, but I think it would really add something to our bedroom furniture.  We will see if we do that or not.
So for a total of $103 for all the storage & knobs/pulls, I feel like I have a new vanity.  This bathroom was completely new when we bought the house, so all we did was paint this room when we moved it and added decor.  So spending this money was ok with us.

You can check out the whole bathroom here.

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