Purging The Kitchen Cabinets

 Last month IHeart Organizing had another monthly challenge.  It was about purging your home.  The kitchen, Entry/Living Room, Bedrooms, and Bathroom & Laundry.  Well I haven’t made it through the full challenge, but I have purged my Kitchen and also my Bathroom {but that is a separate post}.

So here are some of my cabinets that I have tackled so far.  We are still working on the Laundry Room, so the purging kind of got put on hold.
I purged this cabinet of all the plate sets & glasses that we have not used in 3.5 years.  All went to our garage sale pile.
Just reorganized this cabinet.  Through out anything that might have been expired.
Cabinet under the sink.  I purged the cleaning supplies that we just don’t use anymore {we will drop off the cleaning supplies to our local town sanitation and they dispose of it properly}.  I also bought the organizer on the left from Bed Bath & Beyond to organize the small stuff.  I still need to figure out how to organize the rest of the containers.  Working on that one.
This cabinet was just completely out of control.  How embarrasing.  Some stuff was thrown out, some was put into the pantry & the rest was reorangized.  Thank god!!!
Oh the spice cabinet.  This cabinet can really get out of control if you let it.  I put some of the stuff on the top shelf in our garage pile because we haven’t used it in 3.5 years and the rest was reorganized.
The “container” cabinet was insane and my hubby didn’t want to open it anymore.  LOL!  Couldn’t blame him, I didn’t want to open it anymore either.  So I sat down on the kitchen floor and took everything out.  Some of the bigger pieces that we don’t use often have been relocated downstairs in the Laundry Room storage cabinets.  I also recycled some restaurant take out containers that we just don’t use.  Now I know where everything is.
This was one drawer I didn’t need to organize because it’s been organized like this since our kitchen was remodel.  YAY for drawer organizers.  It’s made out of bamboo and it’s expandable.  Love it.  Bought it at Bed Bath & Beyond.
Thank for stopping by.  I hope I have inspired you to purge something in your home.  Make sure you check out IHeart Organizing blog.  She is one crazy organizing girl.  She really knows how to get a room organized in a fashionable way.

Have a great day everyone!  Happy purging!


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    I've been spring cleaning like a mad woman too! Your closets all look great! I just tackled my bedroom closet last night and now I'm dreading the hall closet.

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    Hi Mindy, don't worry, I am also the Queen of Procratination, but it's nice that I'm your hero. lol! Thanks for stopping by. I hope I have inspired you in some way. It usually just takes one thing to finally make me move my butt to clean cabinets out…when I can't find what I'm looking for. I will take the whole cabinet apart right then and there. Hope that helps inspire you. Good Luck! :)

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