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Come in and see my gorgeous Hydrangea’s.  We have three bushes right now on our property.  I think I might want one more for the backyard so I can enjoy it more.  Two are in the front yard and one is in the backyard right now.
This is the “Endless Summer Hydrangea”, which is located in our backyard.  Check out the corner it is in, in this post.  Check out how small the bush is in the other post.  It’s huge now.  Can’t wait to show you the updated pictures.  Right now it has bluish, purplish & pinkish blooms.  They are gorgeous right now.  I love this “just starting to bloom stage” where you have fulling opened buds and then just starting to open ones on the same head.  I think I might blow this picture up and frame it.

This is the same bush, but a lighter purple.  Love the soft colors of this one.
I really love this picture too.  Maybe I can print up a few of them and stage them all over the house.  I think I need to go to Ikea now and buy some white matted frames.

This is our newest Hydrangea.  It’s called Strawberry’s & Creme Lacecap Hydrangea.  It’s she gorgeous!!!!  This one is located in our front yard.  I can’t wait to see this one fully bloomed.  I love the deep raspberry kind of color it is.  I know they are calling it Strawberry’s & Creme, but the color is more raspberry.  Just sayin’.  Right now this is just a little bush.  We have only had her for a year.

Last but not least our third Hydrangea bush that is located in our front yard.  This bush was already on the property when we bought our home, so I’m not sure what type of Hydrangea exactly it is.  But check out the colors on this one.  Lovin’ it!!!
I’m in love with this little bloom.  Look how delicate it looks.

You can check out where this Hydrangea used to live when we bought the house.  See how dark purple it was then against the house.  I don’t think it was getting enough sun and now that is why it has changed colors over the last few years.  Plus it was in about a 6-8 inch wide dirt bed.  I don’t think it was getting much of anything.  Who knows why the previous owners placed this poor guy there.  Can you see the purple against the house amongst all the weeds of course?
Well I hope you loved looking at my pictures of my Hydrangea’s as much as I loved taking them with my Macro lense.  I love macro lenses.
I will take updated pictures once all of these bushes are fully in bloom.

Tell me about your Hydrangea’s.  What color are they?  How many do you have?  Which type do you love best?

Thanks for stopping by everyone! Have a great day! I would love to hear your comments, so please leave one if you want. I love sharing and inspiring others, but I also love feed back and sharing of others ideas and thoughts. :)

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    I love hydrangea plants — if my patio was slightly bigger and not so modern, I would totally plant a few in a container and let them put on a "show". Alas, I will just live through you.

    And thank you for leaving a comment on the blog. I appreciate it. Fingers crossed that the planter box and new terrarium survive, knowing my track record.

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