Jewelry For Your Dressers

After updating my bathroom cabinets with some new jewelry here, I decided I really loved the new knobs and I had tried one out in the bedroom and…..I love it.

Here are the dressers & nightstands before with the old knobs.  They are so small and not very easy to open the drawers with really.  Plus they are more masculine that I would like, but I loved the furniture, so I figured one day I would change them out.  Well almost 4 years later, I’m finally changing out those knobs.

This is my dresser.  See how you really can’t see the knobs?  The knobs are brushed nickle.

Let me zoom in on one for you, so you can see how small they are.

The Hubbies dresser.  {sorry some pictures are not clear. i took them and didn’t look first before I moved on put the new knobs on}


Now this is what the nightstands & dressers look like.

Ohhhhhhh so pretty now.

So for $14.99 per package at Target, we needed 8 packages total, this little mini makeover cost us just under $120.  We love our mini makeover.

Here is the link to the knobs at Target.  They are made of acrylic.  They also come in other colors {link to all acrylic knobs at Target} and they even have pulls to go with some of these knobs.

Here are some other pictures of our bedroom.  You can also see some older pictures here.

So has anyone done any mini makeovers in their home?  Bedroom?  Livingroom?  Kitchen?  Bathroom?  Let’s share the details!!!
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