The Outdoor Series – Doughboy Down

Well even after all that work that we have done to our decked/pool yard {which wasn’t even half of what we were going to do}, our Doughboy pool had rusted over the winter and it had to come down.  So in early April of 2010, we started to take it down.  This started a very large project for our backyard, one we had dreamed about, but didn’t think we would be able to do for years.  But we did get a good tax return last year, so we were able to swing this really large project.  I will have to break this project up into a couple of different posts, so please bear with me so you can see the final project.  It won’t disappoint, so please stop back.

You know things are bad when it starts to rust around the pump area.  The rust was so bad it had already made holes in the outer shell of the pool.  We did think about replacing the pool {heck we even ordered one and then cancelled it}, but we knew we wanted grass to play in, so we took the plunge and took down the pool.  Oh and all that decking!!!  Yikes!!!

Here we are draining the pool out.  Sad looking pool.  Damn we knew we needed a new liner, but this was bad.  The previous owners just didn’t seem to take care of anything around this home.  Sad!!!
See all those layers of different colors?  Oh what the sun can do to fade things.  And yes this pool was “clean”, it was just that faded and not taken care of at all.
This was all the rust damage on the inside of the outer shell after we took the liner off.
It was sad when I really saw it coming down.  We do miss it sometimes.  But we might put a much smaller one back in a few years.  This way we still have grass to play in.
This was the view from our Master Bedroom.  Yikes!!!

And of course we found more kids toys.  Poor Barbie, she only had a head.

We had to rake out all the garbage we could.  We had a couple of bags worth of toys, beer bottles & soda cans.  We don’t even understand how the garbage got under this part of the decking.  There was no way to get to it.  Weird!!!  This was the deeper end of the pool.  The water level in our area is high and we had a hard time getting all the water out of the hole, so that we could fill it back up with dirt.

Very sad view, but it made us realize how large our yard was and how much we were going to gain by doing this really large project.  It was well worth it in the end.  😉
We hired someone to take down all the decking for us.  We knew it would take us way too long and we would have to get a really large dumpster.  So this contractor took down all the decking {except for right up against the house}, hauled away all the wood and filled the hole several times before there was no more water in that area and leveled the land.  It was worth the money in the end.
Look at how big this yard really is without that huge pool & decking!!!  Nice!!!

The contractor did seed, but we had a really bad raining May in 2010 in NY and we guess it washed away a lot of the seeds.  So this is what we were left with, just patches of grass, but mostly dirt.
You can see the Hosta garden bed along the left fence here.  We received them free from our neighbors across the street.  That is my kind of Green gardening.
This strip right here will be a garden bed one day.  Evergreens and colorful plants.
Well that is it for now.  We are almost ready for the big reveal.  I can’t wait to share it all with you lovely readers.
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So has anyone thought about taking down their old pool?  Did yours rust like ours?  Did you buy a new one?  How about your decking?  Love it or hate it?  Let’s her it ladies!  I want to hear your thoughts.
Thanks for stopping by everyone! Have a great day! I would love to hear your comments, so please leave one if you want. I love sharing and inspiring others, but I also love feed back and sharing of others ideas and thoughts. :)


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