Our Home Tour – The Sunroom

Oh our Sunroom…..how I dislike you.  Let me count the ways.  First it is all white paneling.  Don’t mind the paneling at all, but it wasn’t installed the right way, it was cut wrong at the top where it meets the beams and it has started to peel now & come away from the walls in some places.  Basically it’s indoor paneling that shouldn’t be in the elements over the years, so it’s falling apart now.  This room is not an air tight/water tight room unfortunately, so we need to buy PVC paneling to redo this room.  Though I do need to find out if we can paint PVC paneling first.  That would be a bummer if I couldn’t paint this room.  Then I want to paint it a nice Sea glass blue/green color.  This room has 13 windows plus the screen door.  Let’s see what other problems does this room have…..oh yeah, the wood deck that this was built on….well the wood planks are not spaced close enough together for our liking.  Let’s just say that is how the bugs get into the room now.  So we want to find a product that will withstand some water if it came in and cover the floor completely.  Other problems are the really old windows.  Just to replace the windows it will cost us about $850 and they are just storm windows.  Plus we hardly have any screens because the previous owners probably broke them and never replaced them.  Grrrrrrrr!!!!  So it gets super warm in this room.  I would like to do some sort of canvas panels for the ceiling.  Maybe construct something that would hang from the ceiling and that you could slide back and further so that it might not get so hot.  The roof is made out of plastic material.  It’s a corrugated product.  I’m sure you have seen those wavy roofs somewhere.  Ours is an opaque white, so we don’t think it’s letting so much light in, but just that the room is really all windows and there are only 5 screens, that makes the room hot.  Hopefully with screens in all the windows, it will make the room cooler in the end.

So we will in the future, tear down all the paneling and replace it hopefully with PVC paneling so we don’t have to worry about it getting wet.  Replace all the windows and replace the screen door.  We already have a screen door that we bought at Restore {Habit for Humanity} for $13.  Love that.  Figure out a flooring material that will stand up to the weather and of course get a love seat, chairs and a bistro table so we can eat and relax out there with no bugs.  :)  Of course I will decorate this room over time.  I have some decor already like the three lanterns in my Living Room. πŸ˜‰
So here is how the sunroom basically looked when we bought the house.  Nice blank slate, but with some problems.  Those windows were not closing properly due to the support poles below not being installed correctly.  So we had the poles replaced, you can check that out here and now the windows basically close all the way, but not 100% perfect.

Not sure if you can really see in this picture how much space is in between the boards, but let’s just say if you are walking in heels, your heels are going through the spaces for sure.  So we want something that is wall to wall and that will be ok in the elements, just in case it got wet.  Maybe we will use the same flooring that we used in our Laundry Room, check that out here.  It’s TrafficMaster Allure Flooring.  It’s vinyl flooring and they do sell an 100% waterproof version of this flooring.  It’s a little bit more expensive then the one we bought that was just “highly water resistant”, but I think it might be worth it.  It would look like we had hardwood floors in this room.  Nice!!!  Then I can buy an area rug or reuse the two I already have.  We will see. πŸ˜‰

One of our first furniture purchases was our outdoor dining set.  So we decided to keep it up here in our Sunroom until we were done cleaning up our very dirty yard.  We bought this set from Fortunoff’s.  It has 8 chairs actually and it also came with two reclining chairs with ottomans.  Really nice set for the price.

Now steps in the ugly wood beams.  The room just never felt finished to me.  Then I think the 2nd year that we owned our home, we had a hail storm and the hail {quarter sized} made holes in the roofing material.  So we knew we had to replace the roofing material, so we painted the beams white before the contractor installed the new roofing material for us.  We don’t do really high ladders, so this job was for the pro’s.  πŸ˜‰
Oh, so much better.  We used Benjamin Moore’s exterior white paint for this job.  Because we didn’t primed, because we didn’t think we needed to {lesson learned}, it look us three coats of white paint to get it completely covered.  We love it now.  We painted the beams when the old roofing was still on, this way we didn’t have to be careful when we are painting.  Nice!!! :)
You can see the new roofing from this picture.  It’s an opaque white.  Brighter then what we had up from the previous owners.  We believe it was a smoked color, but it didn’t look that way when it was up.  We hope that this new opaque white roof will reflect more of the sun.  We also had the contractor install soffit’s & gutters.  The rain just used to run right off the roof and the wood beams were just sticking out from underneath the old roofing.  Not very finished looking, so we had it finished off.  We love how it looks now.  Much better.
You can see the beams hanging out in this picture.  We also need to power wash the wood that is at the bottom of sunroom in this picture.  I think we might paint it white for now also and then when you have the whole house resided we will have them side the whole thing so you don’t see that anymore.  We also want to make boxed out columns for the support poles in white PVC material.  It would really finish the look off we think.
And you can see the beams in this picture too.
This is what the sunroom looks like as of today.  Here are the reclining chairs and ottomans I was talking about early.  Plus some outdoor pillows, the outdoor rugs we used to have on our pool deck & a new little addition I just bought last week from HomeGoods.
Here is a closer look at the new little addition to the Sunroom.  It’s a ceramic end table or ceramic stool.  Whatever you need to use it for.  I’ve been eyeing this one at HomeGoods since the being of the season, but I didn’t want to pay full price for it.  It was on clearance already when I saw this lovely last week again, so I knew I had to buy it and for $39, marked down from I believe the original price was either $59 or $69, this was a good deal.  You typically see these going for $99 or more in some places.  Score for me!!!
Close up of the details.  I love that the flowers are carved out from the ceramic.  It just makes me happy to look at it every day from my Living Room.
Here are some inspiration pictures I have saved.  I would love for this room to be even half of what these rooms look like.  I just love how comfortable they look.  It makes we want to go on vacation.  I would love a “vacation room”.  Wouldn’t that be nice to have in your home?

This room has the similar exposed beams like our Sunroom has.  I love the curtains, the lanterns and all the furniture.

Ballard Designs
I love how they framed out the window in a Turquoise color and left everything else white.
House of Turquoise
Love the gorgeous petals table & chairs.  All the metal on the walls is really unique.
Ballard Design 
I know in this picture it’s all about the outside, but my Sunroom is all about being outside for the most part. πŸ˜‰  I love all the nautical stuff that they decorated with.
Ballard Design 
What an awesome idea…..put a mirror in the Sunroom.  Love it!!!
House of Turquoise 
Now this picture is just gorgeous.  It’s probably a house down by the beach.  I love the dark wood floors with the dark furniture.  Everything else is light, but it’s so inviting.  I really like the idea of the shingled siding.  Maybe when we redo our siding, we could put this kind of siding just in the Sunroom, but in the same color that we side the rest of the house.  Or at least that is my thought right now.
House of Turquoise 
This sunroom is so warm and inviting.  Looks really comfortable.  In this house this is obviously a 4 seasons Sunroom, so they don’t have to worry about the elements.  But I really like the colors and the warmth of the room.
House of Turquoise 
Again, this is another similar room to our Sunroom.  I wish we had the windows from the floor to the ceiling though.  We have the same similar beams & even roofing it looks like maybe.  Love the curtains & the colors.  Very inviting….very much part of the home this way.
House of Turquoise 
Love the dark wood decking, the light colors on the walls and I love how the Turquoise & Red go so well together.  Turquoise really does go with most colors.
House of Turquoise
My inspiration really takes me in a lot of different directions.  Oh decisions.  Nuts!!!  Who knows what I will pick for this room in the end.  I love it all.
Paint Colors I like so far:

Valspar Blue Lagoon

Valspar Evening Stroll

 Anyone loving Turquoise right now?  What color and who is it made by?  I would love to get more ideas.  Anyone remodeling a Sunroom or Patio/Deck area?  What colors are you using?
Thanks for stopping by everyone! Have a great day! I would love to hear your comments, so please leave one if you want. I love sharing and inspiring others, but I also love feed back and sharing of others ideas and thoughts. :)


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    Thanks for stopping by ladies!!! Glad you love what you see so far. I can't wait to update this room.

    Tana, I love the colors you used. I'm going to check out your blog to see if you have any pictures.

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    Your sunroom is wonderful! With a little varnish and furnish with that wooden floor, I think the area will look more elegant. Well, I guess it still depends on the taste of the owner. By the way, have you done any changes in your sunrooms?

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