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Happy 4th of July!!!

Have a safe & fun day!  We will be going right across the street to our neighbors for a party and fireworks.  It’s great to have good neighbors!!!
When we bought this house we expected to rent our apartment to someone we didn’t know, but instead my Mom lives in our apartment now.  If we would have know that my mom was going to be living with us, we would have updated this apartment more when we first moved in.
This every old white tile had really seen it’s better days.  No matter how we tried to clean the tile, it never looked clean, even though it was clean on the surface.  This is the kitchen tile.
It makes me dizzy to just look at this tile with the diamond inset.  This had to go, but what was going to be the easiest way.  It’s a smallish apartment and it would be really hard to have to pull up all this tile and the mess it would make.  We were trying to keep expenses down as much as possible.
Here is a close up so you can see how much it looked old and dirty.  We bleached, we steamed, we tried it all and we couldn’t get them cleaner.  Yup even tried the magic eraser – nada!!!  So it had to go.
Here is the before of the bathroom tile.  The tile was a little smaller in this room, but still white and dirty.  See the whiter base trim tile on the wall?  OK that really doesn’t go well.
OK, so here is what we were starting with the bathroom floor.  Not so bad looking from a far.
Looking closer and it’s just like the kitchen tile.  Clean on the surface, but still dirty looking.  Drove my Mom nuts that she couldn’t get it clean.
Even some chips in the tile {the dark spots are the chips}.
Now this is what the bathroom looks like with it’s new tile.  Do you likey?  We likey and my Mom is super happy too.
So do you think they are real ceramic tiles?  Nope….they are vinyl.  Did I trick you?  They look pretty real right?

Here you can see the kitchen floor in the background and the bathroom floor.  Plus the threshold in between the kitchen and bathroom.
New view from kitchen into the bathroom.  I love that it’s all one type of flooring now between the two rooms.  Flows so much better now.

Before and After of the Bathroom.
We put up new 3 1/2″ PVC baseboard trim in the bathroom.  So much nicer then the 2″ tile trim that was in there before.  It just popped right off the wall thank goodness with no harm to the walls.  Bonus!!!
Before and After of the Kitchen.

OK, so here is the product we used.  TrafficMaster Allure Tile.  You can check out this post to see how we used the same product in our Laundry Room, but it looks like wood instead.  This product is a floating floor, so you can go over ceramic tile or any other tile that is smooth, or over cement flooring that is even.  If you have an uneven floor you can even it out or have a contractor even it out for you and then lay type of flooring down.  This tile flooring was $50 per box, which covers 24 sq. ft.  There are different prices for all their different flooring.  They sell this product at Home Depot.  This product is “water resistant”, not “water proof”.  TrafficMaster does have a line in this same type of material that is “water proof”, but costs a little more, so you could use it in a bathroom.  It’s an easy product to install.  Each piece just sticks to each other.  They are pre-glued.

Here is the glued area {the grey area is glued}.  They are pretty hard to get apart after you press down on them.

Well I hope you liked our mini makeover.  We did these two rooms in two days.  There were three doorways to cut around, so that took some time, but other then that it went pretty quickly.  If you have any questions at all about the product or how to install it, just let me know.

Has anyone used this product in their home?  Do you love it or hate it?  Do tell!!!

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    Looks so much better now that it's all uniform. No wonder you guys are so thrilled! We have really really old linoleum in our kitchen that needs to go. :s Thanks for joining my Weekend Bloggy Reading party (and for linking back!). :)

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