Check Out Our Gorgeous Crepe Myrtle

Sorry this is getting posted so late in the day everyone!!!  My 9-5 job has been super crazy this week and I haven’t had time for anything.  We {Long Island} are bracing for Hurricane Irene to hit us on Sunday, so things have been crazy.  Please pray that the hurricane will go out to sea and not hit us head on.  For anyone on the East coast, caught in this storm, please be safe.  Have a great weekend everyone!!!  :)

You can check out here what this Crepe Myrtle looked like when we first bought our house 4 years ago.

Plus check out in this picture how short the Crepe Myrtle was compared to the next picture 4 years later.  We really took care of this tree and it has delivered lots of beauty to us.

 4 years later, this is how gorgeous it is!!!  And it’s not finished blooming yet.  The first year we only had a few blooms and now the whole tree basically blooms.  Crepe Myrtle’s are really gorgeous tree’s to have.  Granted, they basically bloom in August and last about a month.  But they have beautiful bark for the rest of the year.  It starts to peel off at this time of year, then in the Fall all the leaves fall off and you get to enjoy the lighter color bark for the rest of the year until the leaves start to bloom again. 

Love the hot pink blooms.

Here is the bark peeling already.

Well that was our gorgeous Crepe Myrtle.  I hope you enjoyed seeing it’s beautiful blooms.  These pictures don’t even do it justice.
So does anyone else have a Crepe Myrtle?  Any other beautiful trees that you are lovin’ right now?  I your love to hear all about them.  Link up in the comments section or just leave a message.
Have a great day everyone!  :)
Let’s hope Hurricane Irene goes out to sea and doesn’t hit Long Island directly, because our yard and this beautiful tree will not look the same if it hits us directly.  Please pray that this storm misses the East Coast.


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