Finding The Best Product for the Job

OK, so my shoe storage was not doing it for me at all.  The extra shoe storage I have under our bed, just wasn’t cutting it for me.  I found it annoying to pull this piece out everyday and unzipper it and then of course do the same thing when I got home.  Call me lazy, but it just wasn’t working for me at all.  I would wind up leaving my shoes out all over the bedroom, neatly of course, but still not under the bed where they were supposed to be.  So I had to find something else that was going to be easier, so I could stay organized.
So I continued to look for an over-the-door shoe holder that I liked and went with the style of the bedroom in some way.  Now it will never be seen by anyone but me & the hubby, but I still wanted style.
Once again, Home Goods was good to me.  It was beige with a little design to it and it wasn’t some bold black & hot pink like I’ve been seeing for back-to-college kids.  So for $12.99 it came home with me and now lives on the back of the door to our master bedroom.  Both products hold the same amount of shoes {12 pairs}, so it worked for me.  Now I use the one under the bed for out of season shoes….a.k.a. shoes I don’t wear all the time.  So I didn’t have to get rid of the other one, now I just don’t have to use it as often.

So me & my shoes are happy now.  I can see what I have to wear quicker and I can put them away a lot quicker.  Completely happy with my choice.  It’s the little things that make a girl happy and anything easier always makes me happy.

Where are your shoes stored?  Do you hate or love the way you store your shoes?  Are they in your closet or under your bed or behind your door?   I would love to hear all about your shoes and where you store them.  Leave a link or a comment in the comment area so we can all hear about it.

Have a great day everyone!  :)

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