Hello 60’s – Yikes!!!

I wanted to share the motel we stayed at on our vacation.  It’s not that they brought back the 60’s to do a modern retro look, they never left the 60’s at all.  It even smelled like Grandma’s house.  That stale smell.  Funny part is the place was pretty clean.  For the most part a lot of the motels in this area are not updated.  The hotels that are updated are really expensive and we didn’t want to spend that kind of money for a 3 night vacation to relax.  ๐Ÿ˜‰

As you can see the room was really dark.  I was having a hard time taking pictures because of the really dark paneling, but there were windows on each side of the room letting in good light, but just not enough.  So I lighten up the pictures so you could kind of see the room.

Do you love these pink retro bedspreads?  Wait check out the teal tiles on the floor.  Yup that isn’t carpet, it’s ceramic tiles that are from the 60’s and are starting to crack and come up some.  Check out the old chair on the left side of the picture.  It was old leather.  It needed to be redone completely.  The wood really needed to be sanded and restained.  Actually I would love to see it painted a color and some new durable fabric instead of the old leather.  Which probably wasn’t even leather, it was probably faux leather.  LOL!

This was the only place to put your folded clothes.  Yikes!!!  Thank goodness we were only staying for 3 nights.  There was a small closet on the other side of the room.  That was it for storage.  This is a beach motel…..it’s right on the water.  I’m sure people come to stay for a week at a time.  They even have little cottages on their property.
Here is a close-up of the floors for you.  Thank goodness I wasn’t drunk at any point, because if I was and looked down, I would have probably gotten dizzy and lost it.  LOL.  Not only was it teal, but it has all of these squiggly lines going through it.  WOW!!!

It’s funny how styles come back around.  We see plenty of glass lamps now a days, but they are just updated with style and much more modern lamp shades.
To update this room and just make it a little nicer and not so dark, they need to paint the paneling a nice sand color.  They could still keep all the furniture the way it is even….not to spend too much money.  But if it is was my motel, I would paint the paneling, maybe paint some of the furniture or at least restain it lighter, get new curtains and much better lighting.  There were 5 lights total in this room, but it was all down lighting and not up lighting, so it didn’t light up the room at all until you actually opened the drapes, but then you had no privacy at all.


Hello pink!!!  What were they thinking.  OK, we have pink tiles, so we should paint the walls a pink color too.  Pink sink, pink toilet, and gray & pink tiles on the floor.  eeeww!!!  Then the old light that casts a nice peach look onto the pink walls.  Even the trim work was painted pink.  Check out the sink faucet.  Do you remember the faucets that you turn and get water, but if you let go the water turns off.  Yup it was that kind that drive me nuts.  How do you expect someone to wash their hands or face.  I hated the bathroom the most.  That needed to be gutted and completely redone in my opinion.  There was also no place to put your bathroom stuff.  There were two tiny shelves in the medicine cabinet and that was it.  I kept all my stuff in my bag and just kept going back to the bag when I needed something.  {rolling eyes}  Not ideal for a woman at all.
Then they had a great thought to put up this really ugly shower curtain.  It is hunter green & purple basically.  If this was my motel, I would at least paint the walls a light gray, the trim would be white, door would be white, then a nice white shower curtain and some pretty art work to livin’ things up.  Then it wouldn’t be so bad.  Oh wait, I would change out the light fixture and put in better light bulbs.  And if I could switch out that faucet then I would.

I had to look for pictures of painted panelled walls and I found the right site for it. Check out these before and afters.  Nice and updated now. It’s not perfect, but they really changed up this beach house.

Check out more pictures via the link of how they painted this room and others.  Great transformations to a beach house.  And a lot of the furniture or art is from IKEA even.  Love!!!

Well I hope you have enjoyed this look back into the 60’s.  LOL.

So has anyone stayed at any retro hotels lately?  Did you like it or will you never go there again?  We will probably not stay at this motel again, but it was still a relaxing place to vacation.  We just slept at this motel. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    HI Jen-

    Clever post. In my mind I always redecorate places I go to -my doctor's office, hotels, resturants, etc. A can of paint is usually all that is needed to make a difference in most of them along with a few yards of fabric. :)

    My best-Diane

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