Hurricane Irene

Hurricane Irene was a mean one to the East Coast, but we seem to be pretty ok on Long Island.  There are about 400,000 without power and lot’s of flooding and down trees, but all in all we weren’t hit too badly.  Our beaches seem to be pretty damaged, but hopefully we will be able to repair those.  We have power at home and at work {darn power being on at work}, but I would rather have the power then not have it.  Soooo many people without power.  There has only been one report of someone dieing on Long Island and it was because they were wind surfing on Sunday.  So senseless.  My heart goes out to the family.

On our block we only had two trees down.  They have already removed the tree that fell clear across the street and blocked the road, late yesterday.  We were very lucky and we are very greatful for that.

My thoughts are with everyone on the East Coast.  I hope everyone is ok and that you don’t have to much damage.  Stay safe everyone.

I was finally about to download a picture off of my phone to show you what our block looked like.  Like I said we were lucky on our block.  No homes or cars were hit thank goodness.



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