Our Vacation Highlights

Well we are back from our mini vacation here on Long Island.  We went out to the Noth Fork of the Island to a town called Greenport.  Quiet little town, but a nice place to relax and that we did.  We eat, we walked and we sat on the beach.  It was nice to be away from it all for a few days.

Here is a map of the east end forks of Long Island.  Greenport is located on the Bay side of the North Fork.  You can see Shelter Island from the beaches.  We actually took a ferry over to Shelter Island.  We had some lunch there and then drove around the island some.

{Greenport is the “A” pin in this picture}

{Map of all of Long Island}

This pier went far out into the water so you can take some great pictures of the water & of Shelter Island.

This view is from the end of the pier back towards Greenport.  I love this long shot of the pier with the boats.  The pictures don’t even do this site justice.  It was gorgeous to look at.
Here is Shelter Island.  These pictures was taken from the end of the pier.

Here is one of the landmarks in Greenport – Claudio’s restaurants on the water.  Great views while you eat.

We also drove another 10 miles east to Orient Point, Long Island, which is where you can get a ferry to Connecticut.  Orient Point also has a State Park that is beautiful.  Very rocky on this beach, but it was very relaxing.  Because this is on the Bay there were only little waves which is kind of fun to photograph.

Later in the afternoon the sun came out and everything looked so different.  The water was bluer and so was the sky.  Nice quiet beach to walk up and down; collect rocks, shells & driftwood if you want.  Not that easy to lay on a blanket, but it was a nice beach to relax on.

OK, well there were pretty big pieces of driftwood that we were not taking home.  😉  But I just love how weathered they are.  I always wonder how far away the driftwood came from.  And I never realized how light driftwood is.  No I didn’t try to pick up these big pieces, but the smaller ones that we found were super light.

That same night we went to Soundview restaurant which is on the Sound, which you can see connecticut from.  Again because it’s not the Ocean, the waves are small and the water is pretty calm which is really nice to watch a sunset.
Here is my new friend sitting to the right of me.  LOL!!!  My husband thought it would be funny to take pictures next to the totem pole I was sitting next too.

It was actually a two sided totem pole.  Funny looking things they are.
This is the view to the East….
And this is the view to the West….
We made a reservation to sit outside at sunset for dinner.  It was a pretty sunset to watch with my hubby.

It was a cloudy day, so I couldn’t get any good pictures just as the sun hit the water, because the clouds were low.  But it was very pretty anyway.
Well that is it for now.  I will have more in another post about the motel we stayed it.  Let’s just say it was a blast from the past.  😉
So has anyone else vacationed in the same area that you live in?  Did you enjoy yourselves?  Was it not far enough away for you to feel like you were on vacation?  Where did you vacation?  Let’s hear the details.  You can leave a link to a post you did about your vacation if you like in the comments section.

 Thanks for stopping by everyone! Have a great day! I would love to hear your comments, so please leave one if you want. I love sharing and inspiring others, but I also love feed back and sharing of others ideas and thoughts. :)


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