Sunroom Inspiration….Some Eye Candy if You Will

I love looking at eye candy to inspire me for my rooms, so I wanted to share with you what I have been drooling over on Pinterest lately.
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My Sunroom looks pretty bad right now because we haven’t done anything to it in 4 years.  Unfortunately it wasn’t top priority on our to-do-list for the home.  But hopefully over the Fall and then the Spring next year, we will be able to get this room looking nicer & more functional.  You can check out the mood board I did for the Sunroom here.  You can also check out this post when I did my House Tour of the Sunroom.  There is more inspiring eye candy in that post.
I love how cozy this room feels.  The couch and two chairs are perfect, but because our sunroom isn’t a 4 seasons room, we will have to buy all indoor/outdoor furniture and decor.  Or at least as much as possible.
Love these chairs from Pottery Barn.  Gorgeous wing back chairs.  I can see reading a book or just relaxing in a chair like this.
I also really love the style of this chair from Restoration Hardware.  But we will have to find cheaper versions of these types of chairs.  I actually want to check out Pier 1 soon and see if they have anymore chairs left and IF they are on sale, I might just have to pick 1 or 2 up for, hopefully a great price. 😉
This room is gorgeous!!!  Love, love, love the ceiling and walls.  I’m so into blue & green right now.  Love the color combo so much.  Clean and crisp!  What room doesn’t look awesome with a built-in banquet.
Check out this sunroom’s cornices with vintage fretwork panels.  Gorgeous!!!  Really dresses up the windows.  I might have to do something like this in my sunroom.  Check out for more fretwork ideas.  Great website.  Here is their website to see all that they sell.
Love the couch & light fixture.
If I had a sunroom like this, I would never leave.  It’s just saying, “come on in and stay all day”.

Check out the built-ins and all the storage.  Love all the neutrals and tone on tone colors.

I absolutely adore this room.  Love the shape of the room.  If I could find wicker furniture like this on Craigslist or at a garage sale, I would defintely paint it.  Just not sure if I would paint it white or dark brown.  I love the look both ways.

Gorgeous color on the walls.

I have almost the same cart sitting in our sunroom right now.  I might have to do a similar vignette but with a mirror over it instead.
Now this sunroom, I really love.  It has so much that I would love to incorporate in my sunroom.  The colorful shades are so cute.  Love the ceiling color and the rug.
Full room shot.
Close up of the bench with storage.
Well I hope I have inspired you in some way with all of these great inspiration pictures of sunrooms.  You could even take some of this inspiration and modify it a little and take it outside to your porch or deck.
So which picture is your favorite?  Have you remodeled a sunroom recently?  What is your favorite part of your sunroom?  I would love to hear about your sunroom, porch, patio or deck.  Let’s share some inspiration.  I would love to hear from you, so please leave a comment.  Have a great day everyone!


  1. says

    Thanks for this. We are moving into a house with a sunroom after YEARS of apartment living and I can't wait to decorate. So many ideas here. Love the cart. Wicker isn't my style, but the color scheme in the room with the orange rugs is great.

  2. Betty819 says

    Thanks for all the pictures of sunrooms. We have a sunroom that also serves as a tv room, and we eat our breakfast and dinner meals there..when there is just hubby and I. He spends all day long in this room watching tv, reading, and listening to audio books in his remote recliner. The sun shines into that room almost all day long so to cut the glare on his eyes and the tv, we keep the mini-blinds closed till about 5 pm. I can't stand to be closed up all day like that. The kitchen table/chairs, we bought from our former home 7 yrs. ago. We only eat at the formal dining room table when we have company. I'm all for getting rid of the big kitchen table and maybe looking for a smaller table, maybe even a drop leaf table would meet our needs. It would take up less space when the leaf is down, yet can be opened up when needed for breakfast and dinner. Maybe I could talk him into having breakfast in the sunroom and dinner at the dining room table. It's closer to the kitchen, for carrying plates and stuff that needs to be refrigerated after use. The previous owner put wall to wall carpet in the entire house when he put it on the market for sale. The sunroom has our only exit door to the back yard flowerbeds. I want to replace the carpet in that room with tile. There is electric baseboard heat in that room. I can always put down a pretty area rug to make the room cozier in the winter but the tile floor would be easier to keep clean when I am using that door coming in from the back yard/flowerbeds. This is a gated, Sr.Citizens community, we are not allowed to install awnings on the outside of the windows so don't suggest that as a means to shade the sun's glare. There are many hanging hooks in the ceiling from previous owner. The Mother liked flowers and had many hanging plants I understand plus 1977 house with no ceiling lights installed by builder so people used those swag lamps hung from the ceiling. At present time, I don't have any hanging plants but would entertain those in the future, once I get the floors tiled. I have a shelf over two large windows with my collection of bird houses. I want to keep that there.

    Any other suggestions how to decorate that room? I'm open for your ideas.

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