To Keep or Not to Keep This Mirror

So the last week I tried to describe the mirror I brought for my Master Bedroom.  I’m sure I didn’t do a very good job of it at all.  So here is the mirror I bought at HomeGoods for $59.99.  It’s a white destressed mirror.  Here are the details.

See the circle within the square frame I was trying to explain in my other post.  Well yes, we hung it in a diamond shape, but it’s still a square frame with a round frame. πŸ˜‰
Aren’t the carved out wood details gorgeous?
And here it is in all it’s glory hanging in our master bedroom.
So now here is my problem.  I hope you {my readers} will help me out a little.  I need your feedback with this one.  I can’t make a decision about it, so I would love to here what you think about this mirror on this wall.  We thought about hanging it square, but there are so many other things in the room that are square I thought hanging it like a diamond would look better.  Here are some problems I have:  I think it’s to big for the wall above the bed, I can’t change the fact that I only have one window on this wall & we would like to install crown molding one day, but as you can see in the picture we wouldn’t be able to install crown molding because the point is about 1 inch from the ceiling.  Sure we could hang it square, but then it wouldn’t be that different from anything else in the room that is square.  So I think as much as I love this mirror, it either has to go back to HomeGoods or it has to go in another room….maybe our office.
Here you can see what it looks like with the rest of the room.

And it can’t be hung any lower because of the high headboard.

Then of course this problem.  It seems unbalanced.  But I also feel there is plenty of other decor on the left wall.  What do you guys think?

I actually really love this mirror from IHeartOrganizing.  So I think I’m going to try to find a mirror more like this one….just round….not square with round.
Over at Young House Love, they hung a round mirror over the bed in their guest room & they only have one window on that wall also.  So I think I might be ok with a round mirror & just the window on my bed wall.  What do you guys think?  Though they do have more room from the headboard to the window, we don’t.  Our headboard is right at the window trim.

So please take my poll!  Purty please!!!  I would love to hear what you guys think.  You can also leave a message in the comment area to give me any other ideas you might have.  I’m stuck on this one.
Thanks for stopping by everyone!  Have a great day!!!  :)


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    Although I love this mirror, I just watched an episode of Steven & Chris (Canadian show) where they talked about feng shui in the bedroom. They suggest not having anything pointed towards your head. If you believe in this sort of thing, perhaps the round mirror would be a better option.

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    How fun to put a survey on your blog post!!! Was that hard to do? I did take the survey…I don't think the mirror is too big the way it is now…what if you leave it that way UNTIL you put up your crown molding and then move it to another place in your home…I think it is a pretty mirror. I saw your post over at "Weekend Bloggy Reading".

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    Hi there!! I seriously LOVE that mirror. Whatever you do, don't take it back!!! I think for now, its amazing above the bed, gorg actually. If you're anything like me, nothing lives in one place very long. I would recommend leaving it as is (in all its glory), then when you have that urge to add the crown molding, switch it to above the dresser or in your office as you mention. Nothing is better than shopping around your own house. :)

    Love your blog, def following! :)



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    Shauna – that is interesting. I'm don't design by feng shui ways, but I actually thought about the point being kind of weird when we were hanging it. πŸ˜‰ Thanks for your input.

    Miss Kitty – I'm glad you liked the survey. It wasn't hard at all. I used for the survey. It was free and easy to use. Thanks for taking the survey. I'll post the survey results next week probably just so that you can all see it.

    White Lacquer – I know right, gorgeous mirror for sure. I fell in love when I saw it. I will not be taking it back. It will live somewhere in my home. :) Thanks for much for following! Glad you love the blog! :)

    Thank you all for stopping by and for all the great comments ladies. I hope you will be back to see what happens with this mirror and where it ends up. πŸ˜‰ Have a great day everyone!

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    First of all, I love what you've got going on in here! Your room is so pretty! I love the pop of color in the curtains, pillows, and throw! I'm with you on the round. However, that mirror is gorgeous, so if you could use it somewhere else in the house – do it! Good luck with the search! I'm so glad you linked up to Roomspiration today!!

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    I'd either hang the mirror square above the bed rather than like a diamond or use it elsewhere. That point would bother me and I think there's not enough wall space above and below it the way it is hanging. I just saw a mirror VERY similar to that one at HomeGoods only round. Maybe check back for it…?

    Also, I enjoyed glancing through your post. Your bedroom is laid out similar to mine with the window on one side of the bed and the room is a bit small. I like your furniture arrangement with the matching night stands and lamps. It helps balance things. And cute curtain color btw.

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    Wow I LOVE this mirror – and am thinking about heading to HomeGoods NOW to find the same one :)

    I agree with Miss Kitty above and if it were me, I would keep the mirror there for now until the crown was installed. That way you can enjoy it for a bit and it can be brand new when you move it somewhere else (and your room will be new again when you get the crown!)

    I love it hung like a diamond but would personally hang it as a square above the bed since I'm pretty big on symmetry… it looks awesome hung as a diamond but feels a bit 'off' to me with the shelves on the other wall.

    I found a mirror similar to IHeartOrganizing's at Marshalls for $19.99! (you can see my post about it here: I Just sprayed it white and it's become one of my faves.

    Good luck with your decision – either way the mirror is gorg :)

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    @ rachel – Thank you so much. This room has really evolved in the 4 years we own the house. Yup this mirror isn't leaving the house, it will go somewhere if it doesn't stay in the bedroom. πŸ˜‰

    @ katie – I will check back to Homegoods…maybe today actually to see if I can find the white round one I wanted. Thanks for checking out the rest of my bedroom…it is a little hard with the one window to decorate sometimes.

    @ Jenn – I've been having the same hard time with the way it's hung right now. I love it but I'm not sure of it. We will see what happens. Maybe I'll have the hubby hang it square and take new pictures of it that way. We will see where we end up.

    @ Andrea – I love blue & green together. It's been a favorite of mine for awhile now. :)

    Thanks everyone!

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    It does look a little unbalanced with the window on the right side and nothing on the left side. If you hang an art frame the size of the windows or three frames stacked on top of the other nightstand, the mirror would look better because it would be surrounded by symmetry!
    I have this same problem in my room with only a window on the right side of the bed, and this worked for me!

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