Fixing Up Some Base Moulding

Well after 4 long years of putting off this project because there were much bigger projects to do in the house, we finally have gotten to caulking our base moulding in our hallway.  When the contractor that we hired did our hardwood floors, they had to take up the moulding in our hallway.  So they needed to be caulked again to fill in any gaps.  Plus the moulding needed to be repainted now.  When we moved in 4 years ago, everything was painted white and we didn’t need to paint them at the time.  But after 4 months of construction on the house, some of the hardwoods were damaged and they needed to fix the floors again.  That time they didn’t pull up the moulding it seemed and some of the stain got on the moulding.  So needless to say, the base moulding really needed to done.  We couldn’t put it off any longer.

Here is how some of the base moulding looked before we caulked & painted it.
And after….all caulked and painted now.  No more gaps and no more stain on the moulding.  So much better.  So much whiter!!!  I love it.
This “before” was driving me nuts for 4 years.  This gap is at the top of the stairs and can be seen when you are in the kitchen.  I’m so happy to be rid of this gap.
No more gap, no more stain.  End result looks assume.  We are mad at ourselves that we waited 4 years to do this project.  Every day we walked down the hallway to our bedrooms we had to see this.  Every time I cleaned the floors I had to see this.  We are so glad it’s taken care of now.
Check out the gap between the railing and moulding.  Yup I fixed that too.
After…now more gap.  Well I did the best job I could do there.  It was not easy getting caulking into that gap and trying not to make a mess around the railing.
We did the whole hallway.  We painted the base moulding and the trim work around the doors.  Next we need to repaint the doors, but we didn’t have enough paint in the house at the time and we didn’t have enough time to paint the doors this trip around.  Doors are a lot more time consuming.  Lots of detail and lots of taping off for the hardware.  So that project will have to wait until after the holidays are over with.  Thank goodness the difference in white colors isn’t too extreme and the doors are usually open, so they aren’t right next to the newer whiter trim work.  😉
We used Benjamin Moore’s Natura {no VOC} paint in Decorators White, semi-gloss.
We are also talking about changing the colors on the walls.  Our hallway leads right out into our Great Room and Entryway, so it all has to be the same color because there is no division of any of these rooms.  We are probably going with a Gray.  So many to choice from.  It can’t be too dark and we don’t want it to be too light either.  We have dark cherry wood cabinets in the Kitchen, so we have to keep that in mind.  What lighter color Gray do you like?  Please leave a comment with your favorite Gray color.  I have to start picking up more paint chips of different Grays.  Right now I’m liking Benjamin Moore’s “Gravity”. It’s a nice lighter gray, but I need more paint chips to make sure.  Then I will buy paint samples and paint some squares on the wall.  I can’t wait to repaint, but it will be after all the holidays.  So this will be a project for 2012.  :)

You can also check out this post for the way I caulking my moulding.

Thanks for stopping by everyone!  Happy Monday to you!  :)

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  1. says

    We have the same problem. Our moldings were fine until the carpet came out and laminate went down. Its a project on the crib to do list but I don't think I will be getting to it anytime soon. Hopefully I won't let it wait to long:) It's looking good:)

  2. says

    The before and after is crazy! We installed all need molding called speed base…some of it we still haven't gotten around to caulking and the gaps are killing me too.

    Re: gray color. When I post on my blog the paint colors we chose, you'll see a warm neutral gray. We chose Requisite Gray from Sherwin. And chose to do a few accent walls (one behind couch and one behind dining table) in Backdrop which is on the same swatch just 2 shades darker. As our house is evolving, we've decided to do a chair rail in the dining area and on the bottom I'm either keeping Backdrop or going a shade darker, and keeping Requisite on the top :-)

    I think Requisite goes so beautifully with dark cherry (the color of our new TV stand). Everyone who walks in just loves the tone!

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