Christmas Tree Skirt

I bought a new tree skirt this year because I was looking for a gold one.  I found this gorgeous one at HomeGoods {of course} for $29.99.  I love it.  But it needed more.  It was just too flat to me.  So I had to find something in the house to make it fluffy and not flat.
Poor guy was way to flat for my liking.
Since at this time of the year there are packages being delivered to the house, so I took advantage to recycle some packing material.  I took all the packing paper that I could find and put it under the skirt to make it fluffy.
I needed to add more packing paper.

Now this is much better after I added more packing paper.
Here was the tree before the bow on top and the tree skirt in place.
Pretty new bow.  We actually found it at Lowe’s.
So has anyone else recycled some packing paper?  Maybe some small boxes?  You could also use the Sunday paper.  Just ball up a bunch of paper and keep putting it under the skirt until you are happy with the look.  Last year I used some small boxes from ornaments and built up the tree skirt that way.
Thanks for stopping by everyone!!!  Have a great day!!!  :)


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