Cable Knit Pillow Covers and Throw…Oh My!!!

 I was so thrilled to received these cable knit pillow covers and this cable knit throw for Christmas.  I saw them in the Collections Etc. catalog that my mom had received.  So I let my mom know that these would be good Christmas presents if she was still looking for something to buy me.  πŸ˜‰   Thanks Mom!!!

They have Christmas stuff on Sale now, so if there is anything you need on the cheap you might want to check them out.  I was not perked in anyway, I just wanted to share.

The pillows and throw are soooo nice and soft.  So glad I found them.  I have wanted Cable Knit pillows ever since they became hot, but I didn’t want to spend the expensive prices I was seeing.  I’m just not handy with a sewing machine to have made one myself, so this was the next best thing for me.  I’m so happy to finally see them in my home.  :)

So without further rambling, here they are!!!  :)

Aren’t they gorgeous?  I’m in love with them.  So glad that they were inexpensive enough.  I had the pillows already so I don’t have to store yet another pillow.  All I did was take the red pillow cover that was on the insert off and we were in business.  It’s sooooo much easier to store the covers then whole pillows.

Anyone by any cable knit pillows or throws lately?  Do you love them?  Who loves pillow covers like these?  So much easier to store right?

Thanks for stopping by everyone!!!  Have a great day!!!  :)

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    I am loving these types of pillows lately! Seeing them everywhere. The buttons are the most adorable accents :-)

    I just found your blog – my husband and I will be celebrating one year of home ownership soon! Glad to have found someone else who is happily blogging about the decorating process too!

  2. says

    Hi Rhody. The buttons are cute accents aren't they. They are functional too. That is how you get the pillow insert in…no zipper. πŸ˜‰

    Thanks for stopping by Rhody!!! We are in our home 4.5 years now and we are still decorating and changing things up. Glad you found my blog. I'm going now to check out your blog. :)

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