Color Changes Everything – Part 1

I love Ikea for so many reasons and they just added one more reason {in my book} to love them.  They took the same room with white furniture and added different linen’s and decor to the room to show you how it can look.  LOVE IT!!!

 Watch how they change the linen’s, add art, add plants, change pillows, change throws, change curtains and change out rugs.

Blank Slate

Added white with a little bit of black in the art.

Black & White

Mostly white with blue linen’s



{see how the room became warmer and deeper with these richer colors}


Traditional Reds
{that is what they called it}

So what does everyone think?  Love how a neutral room can turn into a different feeling with just changing the colors in the room?

So if your furniture and wall colors are neutral you can just change your linen’s, pillows, throws & curtains for a fraction of the price.  Now you don’t have to buy new paint for the walls or out grow your furniture.  You can just make it feel different by changing the pop of color in your decor.  Smart idea.  Saves lots of money in the end.  I even just switch pillows, throws, curtains and decor around the house to make rooms feel different for me.  Makes you feel like you have something new, but you don’t and you didn’t even spend any money.  Try different ways to use that piece of decor and pair it with different things when you move it to another room.  Maybe even paint decor you don’t love the color of anymore and now you have something new.  Reusing and repurposing are awesome ways to get new looks in your home.

Thanks for stopping by everyone!!!  Have a great day!!!  :)


  1. Anonymous says

    Wonderful examples of what a neutral background allows you to do! I would go that route if I were to do my home again.

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