A Little Switch-a-roo

After I had organized under the bathroom sink {back in May 2011} it was time to make a little bit of a switch-a-roo with what I used to organize it in the first place.  It just wasn’t working out.  We used the baskets every day and they were making a mess.  Sometimes you just don’t think about what a basket is made out of when you buy it.  Will it work well, will it stay together well.  I think these baskets are a banana leaf type of material and it tends to flake off easily.  So if it’s something you are going to use everyday, you might want a different material.  Wicker stands up longer and plastic or metal even better.  I know I will think first before I buy the banana leaf baskets again.

So when I went to HomeGoods the other day, {I know you are all shocked that I went to HomeGoods to look for something…haha}, I picked up some new metal mess looking baskets.

Let’s check out some of the befores.  See the flakes all over the cabinet floor.  Drove me nuts every time I opened the cabinet doors.  I had to find something else to use.

Well this is what I found at HomeGoods.  I love them.  This one is actually labeled for CD storage, but I knew what it was going to hold instead…my hubbies shaver stuff.  {$4.99}

And this piece also for the hubby.  Yup it has magnets on it so you can stick it up somewhere for office supplies I believe this one was categorized as.  Nope, not for me, I just stuck it to the CD holder and now all of my hubbies stuff fits in there so well and no mess at all.  {$3.99}

Then I also found this piece which was perfect to fit my hair dryer and some other things of mine.  {$6.99}

So here is the “after”.  I kept one of the other baskets {the one behind the paper towels because we don’t use it all that much}.  Otherwise everything else fits perfectly in the wire baskets.  The funny thing was I forgot that I already had one wire drawer storage piece under there, so it was a happy thing in the end that it all matched.  Ok, one is silver and the new ones are a pretty aqua color.  But I’m super happy with the end result.  Everything is where it needs to be now and it’s actually easier to see everything.  It was hard to see inside of those dark baskets under the cabinet.

See how nice things are now.  You can see where everything is and everything has a place.  Me likey!!!  😉  So for basically $16, I’m very happy with the end result.

And you might have recognized where I moved those older baskets to.  Check out this post for all the details.  We will see what kind of a mess they make in the linen closet.  If I don’t keep them, I will garage sale them this Spring/Summer and buy something else for the linen closet.

So has anyone else made a switch-a-roo like this one?  Were you happy with the switch?  Did you switch it back and buy something else?  Did you get rid of it all together?  Would love to hear about it.  Share it with all of us in the comments area.  I’m sure others would like to know what kind of switch you did and if it worked out or not.

Thanks for stopping by everyone!!!  Have a great day!!!  :)

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    I love those baskets! Husbands can be ridiculously messy and they don't even realize it. I could probably get those but he'd never use them. But at least I'd have an excuse to buy organizing stuff! :) Also, how is the basket with the hair dryer working out? I have the same hair dryer and it is a pain to store, even with the cord that sucks in and that basket looks perfect!

    -Jess @That's Sew Crafty

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      Hi Jess, thanks for stopping by and for becoming a follower. Yup, husbands can definitely be messy when the want to be. haha. I actually love the basket with the hair dryer. It is working out great for me. And the ones for hubby are working out great too. Buy something for organization and he will come around. At least his mess will be within a basket and not everywhere in the bathroom. Good luck!!! :)

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