Sometimes You Just Have to Purge

Over this three day weekend, I started working on some of my Home Goals for 2012.  I decided to start with our linen closet.  It was a mess and I just couldn’t take it anymore.  I knew I had to purge some of the stuff because we just don’t use it all.  For some reason I kept saying to myself “oh we will use that.”  But that never came.  We have been married for 5.5 years now and we still haven’t used half of the stuff.  Way too many sheet sets, way to many towels.
Let’s take a look at what I was dealing with so you can understand my problem.  Two shelves for towels and two shelves for sheets.  One other bit of information, it’s just me and my hubby right now….we don’t need this much.  And the sheets and towels were sharing shelves.  Things just got out of hand.
And there was also some table linen’s in between sheets.  Out-of-control!!!  We also use this closet for our plastic bags and paper recycling {white bin on floor}
Top shelf just has a bunch of different things that don’t really have a home else where right now.
I emptied the closet.  Some of the shelf paper was coming down.  But I took care of that with some double sided tape.  Much better.  I also rearranged the top shelf.
The floor area was also cleaned and organized better.
Here is where all of the stuff went so that I could go through it all.  I know it’s hard to believe that ALL of this was in that little closet.  Ca-razy!!!  Yup that is a queen size bed and it almost took up the whole bed.  YIKES!!!
I’m soooo excited to show you the after pictures.  Now I feel more calm when I open this door.  Everything has it’s own place.  I will be bringing a lot of stuff to Good Will or Salvation Army very soon.  I rolled, I folder & I added some baskets.  Now I can see where everything is.  Very good feeling.

Now onto the next closet.  Not sure which one yet, but I have to organize another one.  It just feels to rewarding not to do another one.
I do have some other ideas for the linen closet though.  I would love to repaint the inside a color and even redo the shelves in some way.  This is how the closet basically was when we bought the house.  We painted it all white and then I put some shelf paper and called it a day.  Now with all of the pretty stuff on the internet and Pinterest that I have found, I want more…just not sure when we will get to the upgrading.
What my linen closet could look like all in white.  I really like it.  Nice and clean looking.  Now I’m torn if I should just redo the inside in a semi-gloss white or a color.

{via pinterest}

So has anyone organized their linen closet recently?  Organize another closet in your home?  Let’s hear about it.  Leave a comment and/or leave a link to your post and let everyone see what you did.  I love me some inspiration, so let’s have it!!!
Thanks for stopping by everyone!!!  Have a great day!!!  :)


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    This is definitely on my to-do list. It drives me nuts! We received like a dozen or so towel sets for our wedding and I ended up giving some of them away at bridal showers and other weddings etc but we still have too many. It is only three of us and Boom Boom uses her little soft baby towels. I happen to like my wash clothes and towels to be thin so I have resorted to using her washclothes (I know Im crazy lol) so we definitely could purge. I may do this today:) Thanks for sharing Jen!

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