Cherry Pits Cleaned It?

WHAT?  Yup you hard me correctly, I cleaned it with cherry pits.  Shaklee’s “Scour Off Heavy Duty Paste” is made out of cherry pits.  How cool is that?  And how green is that.  It smells like cherries while you are cleaning with it.  Love that!!!

{picture via Creating a House of Grace because I didn’t take a picture with the lid off}
You can also check out on Bonnie’s site other testimonials and how she has used Scour Off.

OK, here is the “before” of my kitchen sink.  A little gross.  I can never seem to completely get this little thing clean.

But now I can get it completely clean.  Look how nice and clean it all looks.  It looks almost new again, except for all the scratches that come with a stainless steel sink.  Oh well, can’t help the scratches.

Then I talked my Mom into using Scour Off for her electric stove top.  This is from cooking spill-over and gets under the covers for the electric stove top.  Just apply a little bit and it’s all clean.  :)
Yup that is the same area.  All nice and white now.
Here is the other side of the stove top.  Same thing and just a little bit did the job again.
All clean and white again.
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Have you cleaned something gross recently?  Did your cleaner work well?  Did it clean it right away?  Are you happy with your cleaner?  Do you hold your breath when you clean with your products and then choke on the fumes later?  Do you want to clean your home with a greener product?  Well check out Shaklee’s whole line of “Get Clean” and see what you might love for your home.  Just a little goes a long way and you will save money and the environment in the end.  Any questions, please let me know.  :)
Thanks for stopping by everyone!!!  Have a great day!!!  :)  

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