Color Changes Everything – Part 2

I’m coming back to you with Part 2 of Color Changes Everything {thanks Ikea for suppling these} – now for the Living Room.

Again we start with a neutral background and then add color.

Black & White neutral Living Room.  Curtains, art, throw & rug.  Simple room to change up so easily in the future.  Could even add a pop of color…purple maybe.
This is blue/purple color with the neutrals.
I would love these browns for the Fall season, but I would add a splash of burnt orange.
Green in all different types of shades.
Creamy Beige is added here, keeping the room extremely neutral.
Adding some navy to the creamy beige adds some warmth to the room.
You can check out Part 1 here.
Do you have a neutral room at home?  How do you decorate it?  Do you use pops of colors?  What colors?  I would love to hear all about the colors you use.  :)
Thanks for stopping by everyone!!!  Have a great day!!!  :)

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