Organizing the Pantry….Again

Yup you read that right…..again.  :(

We are both to blame, but my hubby doesn’t like to put things back neatly.  He will look for what he wants and then just pushes things back so he can close the door.  He does this with drawers and kitchen cabinets too.  What is a girl to do.  :(   I hate to keep organizing things, but it drives me nuts otherwise.

Check out my original post about when I first organized this pantry.

The bottom three shelves is what always becomes a mess. 

I came across these cuties at Target.  I first saw them over at IHeartOrganizing and thought they were really cute and might be able to work in our pantry.  They are plastic, so they are easy to keep clean.  They are $5.99 each.

Here are those cuties in action in the pantry.  I love them.  The three of them fit perfectly on one shelf and held all the littler things in the closet that just kept getting moved around.
Let’s take a closer look at each shelf.
Look at how great everything looks on this shelf now.  I love it.
The bottom shelf is really the floor, but I have tried to use all the space in this tiny pantry to the fullest.
Here are the two other shelves above the other three.  These always stay organized, because they already had something in place to keep them organized.  This shelf has a three tiered product on it already for cans, so it was super easy to keep this organized.
This shelf stores all of our Keurig k-cups for our coffee maker.  So the boxes keep everything organized on this shelf.  Easy peasy!!!
Here is the full pantry.  So much better now.
I’m completely not done with this closet.  I really want to either paint it a pretty color or add some wallpaper to the back wall.  I’m not sure yet.  Or I might just paint the inside walls and install nicer shelving paper.  I know the shelving paper is falling down in some areas.  For right now, I think I’m just going to tape it up and call it a day.  I haven’t done it yet, but I will.  This is the same shelving paper that we used in the Linen Closet.  Check out what I did with the linen closet to organize it better.

Have you organized or re-organized your pantry?  Do you love it now?  Is it the way you need it organized now?  I would love to hear all about your pantries.  Leave a comment to share with all of us.

Thanks for stopping by everyone!!!  Have a great day!!!  :)


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    Your pantry looks really neat and organized! I know, I have kids and a husband, and they never, ever, never put things back where they belong! But sometimes I think if you "pretty" things up and organize a space maybe they wil try to keep it that way, or not?!? :)) Thanks for stopping by my blog and I'm not your newest follower!

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      Hi Noelle, thanks for stopping by and thanks for becoming one of my newest followers. :)

      So now you are telling me that I have more dis-organization to look forward to when we have kids. YAY! hahaha!!!

      ~Jen :)

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