Shoe Storage Solved + A Little Purging

Ok, I could not take the way this closet looked anymore.  This closet is in our 2nd bedroom.  We use it for my extra shoes, our jackets, some misc clothes and some more misc stuff.  We don’t have a really large closet in our Master Bedroom {I still have to show you that closet} and this closet and the closet in our 3rd bedroom all have “stuff” in it.  Yup it’s just me & the hubby and we take up two regular sized closets and one double closet.  Yeah, we don’t even have room for kids.  haha!!!  Well we are hoping for at least one child, so I really have to start to clean out and organize what we have.  Ya never know when you might need more space.
I had to purge some of these shoes.
I had to do something with my shoes that were in boxes.  Yes some of them had pictures of what shoes were inside, but sometimes I still had to open the box to see which shoes were in there.
Not sure yet which shoes these are.
Oh lookie, there are the shoes!!!  Ok, way to much to do to get to one pair of shoes.  If these were in something clear I would have known which shoes I wanted from the start.

  So off to Target I went to find something clear to store them in.  In walks these clear storage containers from Sterilite.  haha!!!  Sorry I couldn’t help myself with that pun.  ๐Ÿ˜‰

They fit my 6.5/7.0 size shoes perfectly.  But there is extra room for bigger sizes, but not a man’s 11 size shoe because I tried.  ๐Ÿ˜‰
So after I went through all my shoes, I had to go through the other stuff.

Now this is what the closet looks like.  I can actually fit more jackets or other stuff in there now because I purged a good amount of stuff.  There are curtains in this closet also, plus my tree skirt from Christmas.

Now I can see all of my shoes.  I even have one storage container left over right now.

Here is a “before” and “after”.  It isn’t that huge of a difference, but it is in person to me.

Have you organized your shoes recently?  What organizing tool did you use?    I would love to see how you organized your shoes.  Do share please.  :)

You can also check out this post when I organized my flats in my bedroom.

Thanks for stopping by everyone!!!  Have a great day!!!  :)

Sorry, but I should have added how much I paid for them.  Oops!!!  $2.99 each at Target.  They are 6 qt.  Here is the link on Target.  They are out of stock online, but I did buy them in the store in New York.  Hope that helps.


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    I think I may have to do that with my shoes. Currently a little two year old diva goes into my closet and throws all of them off the shelf. I think she may be trying to help me figure out which ones to wear but I don't need any help:)

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