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Since Spring is here, I’m looking for ideas on how to organize our shed.  We do not have a garage, we only have a 12×12 foot shed on our property.  The previous owners converted our garage into what is now our Family Room.  It’s great to have the extra space on the inside, but it’s not great to not have a garage.  So we need to organize the heck out of our shed at this point.  We need to clear out the whole shed and start over.  I really would love to paint it white on the inside like this picture below.  It’s very dark when we walk into our shed.  There is no window, but we are thinking about installing one.
These products from Garage Rack Storage are pretty cool products.
Let’s take a look around this shed from  Some really great ideas for our shed.  We already have shelves, but we need to move some stuff around to make it more functional.  I need to take pictures of the inside of our shed, so you can see the mess we are dealing with.  Sorry I forgot to do that for this post.  I’ll see if it’s sunny enough over this weekend so I can take some pictures.  It’s actually a dark dirty place I never want to go in, so we really need to get our act together with fixing it up this year.  We have only waited 4.5 years to finally do something about it.  Anyway, back to what I was talking about, I love all the shelf space and I love all the wall space to hang the large tools for the yard.
Here is the other side of this shed.  Gosh I would love a window like this in our shed.  We actually have a really large work bench, bigger then this one, but it’s always a mess because we have too much stuff and we don’t have the shed organized the right way.  I’m lovin those plastic containers in the left corner.  Great for potting soil, grass seed, small tools, etc.  I think I might have to get some of these for our shed.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the smaller features in this shed.

BHG: Little things like twine or thin wire can be some of the most useful objects in your shed. They can also be some of the hardest to find. Make it easy by turning a toilet paper holder on its side. It makes it a cinch to reach and cut.

I love this idea.  I’m always looking for my twine and wire.  I’m going to the dollar store and picking up two toilet paper holders and installing them in our shed.  :)

Why not have a “Garden Calendar”.

BHG: Keep a calendar of landscaping activities and you won’t have to guess when you last fertilized the lawn or planted seeds. This one is metal, creating a convenient place to secure plant tags, seed packets, and small parts with magnetic holders.

This is sooooo smart to have right in your shed or garage.  Great way to keep track.  Anyone in the house can look at it, so that no one over fertilizes or anything else for that matter.  Also a great place to keep your plant tags.  This way you don’t forget all the details of each plant.  If you ever have to move it, you know the name of the plant, the type of light it likes, etc.  A corkboard and a whiteboard might just be moving into our shed.  We will see though.  Super great idea for sure.  :)

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Let’s take a look back to what our shed looked like when we bought the house.  I hope you are ready, because it’s really bad.  It’s really ugly.  Hope your sitting down.

Yup this is how our shed and our yard for that matter looked on the day of our closing.  Yes, the previous owners were not all cleaned up before we closed on the house.  But they got it done the following day.  We had a lot of cleaning up to do even after they took all of their belongings with them.

Here is what the inside of the shed looked like that day.  If you look close there is a wood work bench on the left side.  Do you see it?  It’s right behind the pool pump that is standing on the floor in the middle of the doorway.  Yeah you can hardly see it.
This is what it looked like for the first few months we live in the house.  Yup those are holes in the door to the shed.
When we got the new roof on our house, they also put a new roof on our shed, then me and the hubby put new PVC trim around the roof line, a new door, new PVC trim around the door and painted the whole shed on the outside.  Soooooo much better.  Our neighbors thank us for this one over and over again.  {haha}  So worth all the work we had to do.  This is still how the shed looks today on the outside.  Doesn’t that right side of the shed just scream “put a window here”?  We are hoping to put a small double hung window this year or maybe next year.  We aren’t sure.  We also need to get two vents put on the shed.  One above the door and then another one at the back of the shed, to keep some better ventilation in there.  It gets wet sometimes {something else we need to work on}, so the vents would really help out.  No worries, I will take lots of pictures and if we do the work ourselves, I will have lots of details to give you.
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So has anyone else organized their shed or garage recently?  Any tips for me?  Any products you really love?  Should I paint it white on the inside?  Maybe another color?  Let’s hear it all.  Everyone enjoying their Spring so far?  Did you start planting yet?

Thanks for stopping by everyone!!!  Have a great Holiday weekend!!!  Happy Easter and Happy Passover to everyone!!!


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    I love the fact that the weather is warming up and we're also gearing up to get started outside. We actually organized our shed a bit last summer. This year we got a riding mower so we need to build a ramp and make space for it. But here's a link to my organizing frenzy last year. Hope it helps you out. You posted some very inspiring stuff that I might utilize this summer! Thanks! {Note: I want a window!}

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    It's amazing how the shed turned into a beauty! Yes, it would even look better if it has window. Another suggestion would be using containers to store smaller items. Use the smallest containers to store jar lids, screws and drill bits. Put it in a box, then label the front and clearly mark what's inside.

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