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Well we have been ramping up for a “Garage Sale” this weekend and I have been purging left and right around here.  I just can’t take it anymore, so it has to go.  Stuff is priced to sell.  If it doesn’t sell then it will go off to The Salvation Army and not back into our home.

Here is one spot in our home office that really needed to be cleaned out.  I have an old armoire from my Grandma that I use to store home decor in mostly, but it has gotten out of hand at this point.  Before I took this picture you couldn’t even see the cookbooks because they were behind a pile of candles and such.  Sorry I didn’t take a picture before that.  But really these cookbooks were not doing me any good in the office.  So I reorganized the condiments cabinet in the kitchen and added the cookbooks in the kitchen.  I know crazy place to have cookbooks right?  ha ha.  I just never felt there was enough room in the kitchen and that is why they were in the office, but I never used them because they were in the office.

Here is the cabinet in the kitchen that I reorganized to fit the cookbooks.
I moved the top shelf up higher and only put little things up there that I don’t use too often so that I could fit all the cookbooks on the second shelf.
All of my fresh dried condiments there were just in baggies on the top shelf before are now in cute little jars that I picked up at Ikea months ago.  What? What did you think those baggies were full of anyway on the top shelf?  ha ha
Plus these little guys hold all my cookbooks upright now.  There are four of those little jars.  Two are behind the two in front.

Here are those spice jars I used.

Rajtan Spice Jar @ Ikea for $3.99 {4 pack}

Let’s check out some other kitchen organization that I need or want to put into my kitchen cabinets.

I really want a knife tray inside of my draw.  I have knifes just laying around in a draw organizer, so they are separate from other things, but we always have to be careful when we take one out.  Not a good thing.  This knife tray will help organize the draw more and it will also be safer when we are looking for a knife.

Rationell knife tray @ Ikea for $14.99

Rationell Variera Insert Spice Jar holder @ Ikea for $3.99

I would love this plate holder….now only if I had cabinet drawers for this sort of stuff.  Oh to dream.  Ikea, I wish I knew about your great kitchens before I redid my kitchen 5 years ago.  Maybe in the future if I have the chance to remodel, there will be big deep drawers for plates and pots and pans.  Only a dream for right now.

Rationell Variera Plate Holder @ Ikea for $9.99

Now this is something that I could really use in my kitchen.  It’s a pot lid organizer.  It seems that you can make it shorter or longer to hold more or less lids.  Love it.  This piece will be going on my list to get for the kitchen.

Rationell Variera Pot Lid Organizer @ Ikea for $4.99

Droppar Spice Jars @ Ikea for $2.99 {2 pack}

The Droppar Series of jars

Kitchen Organizational Ideas from my Pinterest Board.

I need to do this with my cabinet that has all of my serving stuff.

Love the storage for the pot lids.

Gotta have your under cabinet sink organized too right?  😉

These are dollar store spice jars.  Cheap and cute.

This is why I love Ikea kitchens so much.  Such an awesome idea.

What have you organized in your kitchen or in your home lately?  Spill the beans because everyone would love to hear about your organization too.  Leave a story or a link in the comment area.

Thanks for stopping by everyone!!!  Have a great weekend!!!  :)

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