Organizing Kitchen Cabinets

Some of our kitchen cabinets were completely out of hand and I couldn’t take it anymore.  I had to find something to make things easier to find when I opened those doors.  I looked at Target’s $1 section first and didn’t find anything that would work for my cabinets and I also checked out a bunch of different Dollar Stores in my area and nothing yet again.  So I went to Google, because Google is our friend that helps us find great deals when we can’t find them in the box stores.
Let’s take a look at what I found to organize my cabinets.
Here is the “Before” of these two cabinets.  Yes the one on the right really isn’t that messy I know, but I did fix it up a little bit.  I also add two containers to it.  I thought I was going to use them in the left cabinet, but they didn’t fit on the bottom shelf and I couldn’t move the shelf any higher, so I had to use them for something else.  Of course now, I will have to make another trip to Ikea to get three more on those tall containers to finish off the look I started.
This is what I bought from Ikea.  It’s called “Ikea 365+ Jar”.  It only comes in these three different sizes in New York.  Tall=$3.99, Medium=$2.99 and Small=$1.99.  I spent $23.00 on the 8 pieces that I bought.
The lids snap down tight when you close them and there is a very good seal on the flip top part of the lid as well.

OK, first I wanted this set from Bed, Bath & Beyond, OXO Good Grip Square Food Storage Pop Containers.  They range from $19.99 to $7.99.  So if I had bought one of each from this container line it would have cost me $101.93 for 7 pieces.  YIKES!!!  Now don’t get me wrong, they might be better for freshness, but I was not willing to spend over $100.00 on containers.  I think Ikea really came through with their containers and I couldn’t be happier right now.  I only spent $23, so I saved myself $77.00 for this cabinet.
Now let’s take a look at what I bought to organize my pots and pans.  Look at this crazy mess I had going on.  I have paper towels in between everything not to scratch them.  I don’t have really high end pots and pans, but I still want them to last as long as possible.
Check out what it looks like afterwards.  I can pull everything out a lot easier now.  I can see what I’m looking for too.  Oh wait….what is missing…YES the paper towels are now gone.  YAY!!!  I hated how that looked.  Now everything is much cleaner looking.  I also put the large pots on the shelf and a few other pieces I don’t use that often.  The bottom shelf is what gets used the most now.
This is what I bought for that cabinet.  Everything I found on Amazon for really good prices.  I actually did not look in any stores for these products, but I still think the prices were good.
This cabinet I only go into when we have company for the most part.  There are a ton of Pyrex, platters and serving bowls.  I even purged a couple of things out of this cabinet a few months ago, so it was actually worse then this.  But seriously, every time I wanted something I had to almost take everything out just to get to it.  So I had to come up with something to make things a little easier.
The “after”.  Oh yeah, so much better.
I bought 3 of these.  Two of them went in this cabinet and I still have another cabinet to clean out and organize, but I ran out of steam over the weekend.  I have three other organizational projects that I need to do and hopefully I can get to them this weekend.  Then the kitchen with almost be completely organized.  I’m so proud of myself for finally moving my butt to do all of this.
Well one last thing I want to show you is this part of my counter in the Kitchen.  I just never liked this corner.  I never know what to do with a corner like this.  So I played around with a couple of trays that I had in other rooms to make it look nicer and make it look like there’s not as much stuff.

So now it looks like this.  I like it a little bit better now, but I have to look around for another tray.  Too much wood now in one corner.  Plus I want to get that block of knives into a drawer.  I’m going to buy one of those drawer knife blocks and get this off the counter once and for all.  Then I will play around with things again for this corner and see what I can come up with.

Drawer knife block from Target.

Total cost – $63.97
Ikea containers {8} = $23.00
Pan Organizer = $10.99
Kitchen Pantry Organizers {2} = $29.98

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Thanks for stopping by everyone!!!  Have a great weekend!!!  :)

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      Thanks Latoya!!! I know I needed a better system and that is why I hit up Dollar Stores, Target and then Amazon for some great deals. I have faith that you will come up with something great for your cabinets. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    oooh, I LOVE that frying pan holder. I think I need that in my life! I wish I had the gusto to organize my kitchen cabinets. We painted ours this year and that should have been the push I needed, but it just didn't happen. It doesn't help that my 13 month old daughter pulls everything out on a daily basis. Maybe if I score myself some new frying pan organizing racks then I will feel inspired. Thanks for the idea.

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      Thanks for stopping by Kelly! I love that tiered pan holder. It's great, you would love it. Go for it. Hope your cabinets become organized for you soon. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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      Thanks for stopping by Meredith. Everyone seems to be lovin' the pan tier organizer. Search on Amazon for one. Can't wait to check out more of your blog and the rest of the Blog Hop. :)

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    I like your simple yet effective designs for proper space management.
    My mom always is in control of the kitchen at home and the kitchen cabinets are always getting cluttered.
    I really like the techniques that you have implemented in the above pics.
    I think it does have a solution to my kitchen problems.

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