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Sorry I have been missing in action this week.  There just seems to be a lot going on, but not in the projects department.  But I have a long laundry list of projects I would love done.  Want to see the list?  I love lists.  Oh let’s take a look anyway.
Big Projects
  1. Completely re-do the Sunroom {new windows, paneling, flooring, furniture & decor}
  2. Completely re-do our Shed {add organization, fix leak, paint interior}
  3. Paint our Great Room {Living room, Dining room, Kitchen, Entrance & Hallway}  {Might hire someone because we have some cathedral ceilings}
  4. Paint our kitchen island cabinets white {might add beadboard or plank wood to outside of the cabinets}
  5. Siding the house {will hire someone}
  6. Finish fencing in the backyard {will hire someone}

Small Projects
  1. Finish the Laundry room up. {make & hang curtains and paint trim white}
  2. Order a screen door for the back door in the Laundry room and have it installed.
  3. Organize all the storage space in the Laundry room.
  4. Re-grout our kitchen tile
  5. Install knobs on all of the kitchen cabinets
  6. Paint mirrors in Dining room white
  7. Add curtains to Dining room sliding doors
  8. Add chair covers if possible, to dining chairs
  9. Mini make-over in the Living room {some new furniture}
  10. Repaint bathroom a lighter color
  11. Add crown molding to the whole house
  12. Lots of small projects in our home office {organize, purge, decor}
  13. Add a collage wall in the hallway
  14. Add more wall decor to the whole house
  15. Add more textures to each room
  16. Add more POPS of color to each room
I’m sure there are more projects on the list, but I can’t think of any more right now.  This is a long list when you really look at, but it’s ok, it will get done slowly but surely.

What projects are on your to-do-list?  Too many projects or just enough?  Share a link to your project list if you have one.  I would love to see what everyone else is up to.

Thanks for stopping by everyone!!!  Have a great day!!!  :)

And I wanted to welcome all my new followers!  Thanks.  :)



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      Oh yeah list can be super overwhelming sometimes. One minute I want everything done by the end of the weekend and then reality hits me. But lists are good reminders of what you want to do to keep you on track. Have a great weekend Tana! :)

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