Fall Into New Bedding

I needed some new Fall bedding because last year I bought a new king size duvet, which meant I needed to buy new king size duvet covers as well.

I’ve been looking for months for a duvet cover and I finally found one that I loved.  Since I love Bed Bath and Beyond so much for their coupons, it was great to use my 20% off coupons for this new purchase.  The duvet cover is sold separate from the shams, so I was able to use three 20% off coupons to buy all three pieces.  SCORE!!!

If you have been following me for awhile, you might notice something different about the room.  Can you see what changed?
{don’t mind the ugly lighting, I’ve learned to use my DSLR a lot better now with no lights}
Let’s see some before pictures.

Yup we moved the bed to the longer wall.  Our bedroom is only 13×11 feet.  When we were shopping for furniture for this room we thought this was the only way we would fit everything into the room and still have room to walk around the bed and be able to get past the dressers.  We don’t have a very large closet, so we needed two dressers.  Last weekend I woke up with this thought of finally just moving the bed to the longer wall and seeing if we had enough room or not.  We have hardwoods and all the furniture has felt on the legs, so we just had to “push” everything around the room.  And IT WORKED!!!  I’m so excited.  We actually had more room then we thought we would have and we both love the room in the new layout.

Here is the duvet cover online at Bed Bath and Beyond.  This was the look I fell in love with in the store.  They actually had a bed made up just like this.  I fell in love right away.

But I knew I wanted it for the Fall/Winter months, so I had to find some dark moody sheets to go with the new duvet cover.  I finally found a nice dark blue set of sheets.  They are gorgeous.

You might have also noticed that we had to move some of the stuff around that was on the walls.  A frame and our Aloha plaque had to be moved because the headboard was too high.  Now they live on this wall instead.

I actually love them on this wall so much better.  The frame has a Hawaiian marriage prayer that we received as a gift for our wedding.  The plaque we bought when we went to Hawaii for our honeymoon.  Our friend didn’t even know we were going to Hawaii for our honeymoon when we received the gift.  They go together so nicely, no?
Now we don’t have a problem with this mirror.  We were able to lower it and center it on this wall now and it’s a center piece all by itself.  We love it.  And I also don’t have to wonder now what else to do to this wall to balance out the window.  The picture frame ledges are centered on the new wall that the bed is on, so I don’t have to figure anything new out.  Lovin’ that!!!  :)
There are those dark blue sheets.  Love them!!!
I “adore” the design on this duvet cover.  The color is light beige with a darker gray/beige {greige}.  I’m lovin’ greige right now, so this was perfect.  I can also have this duvet cover on at any time of the year.  I really need some new pillows, but that will have to wait for a little while.

I know that this look might not be for everyone, because the bed isn’t lined up with the shelves.  But they are centered on the wall between the window and the right wall, so they stayed.  I wasn’t moving the shelves around and making new holes.  If I ever get knew shelves, they I will probably change the look around some, but for now, it works for us.

I love Fall.  All the dark muted colors makes everything feel so warm and cozy.  What colors do you use for the Fall season?  Have you charged over to Fall colors yet or are you still waiting for September 22, 2012 for the 1st official day of Fall?

Thanks for stopping by everyone!!!  Have a great day!!!  :)



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