Fall Living Room Decor

I absolutely love the Fall season.  We were even married in the Fall…October.  Next month I will share our Fall wedding, even though we will be married for 6 years.  I can show you all of the DIY projects we did for our wedding to save money.  So stay tuned for that post around October 22nd.  Anyway, back to my Fall living room decor.  I have been itching to change over the house to my Fall colors.  I was sort of done with the Summer a few weeks ago.  Fall in New York starts on September 22nd this year, so I am just in time to have the house ready.  I will have a few more posts about the rest of the house and how I added Fall all around.  Let’s take a look around the living room.
I wanted to add in some subtle touches of Fall into our home.  I love adding in orange and green, plus some muted purple this year and I even left in a pop of turquoise to have some fun.  Seems to be a trend I just started to see on Pinterest this week.  Check it out here, here, here, here, here.

I started to really like Mercury Glass this year.  I had to have some and now I think I need more for Christmas.  tee hee!!!  Aren’t they gorgeous?

I found this cute pear at HomeGoods.  Well I actually bought two of them, but the other one is in the bedroom.  Stay tuned for that post.

So here is the breakdown of the new stuff I bought for this room.  I already had a lot of the littler stuff…the filler pieces, but I wanted to add more to my Fall decor.  It’s great to be able to buy stuff over time and not spend a ton of money all at once.  Plus your taste changes from year to year and the styles change as well.

Wood pumpkin – Kohl’s = $4.99
Pear – HomeGoods = $7.99
Mercury Glass Votives – Kohl’s = $4.99 each

Bean Bag Pear – HomeGoods = $12.99
Decorative Woven Balls – HomeGoods = $9.99 for bag
Small Orange Pumpkins – HomeGoods = $7.99 for bag
Purple Throw – Kohl’s = $19.99

I already had some of the decor from past years.  Plus I already had the pillows and the curtains.

Check out all of the burnt orange and teal on Pinterest.  Lots to pin.  :)
Here is some eye candy for the color combo.  Love it.




Do you like orange with teal?  Do you have the combo in your home?  I would love to hear all about it.  Leave a comment so we can all see what others have in their homes.

Check out these other Fall post from the past.  1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

Thanks for stopping by everyone!!!  Have a great day!!!  :)



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      Hey Nancy, thanks for stopping by. I love this color combo. It must make for a great nursery. Love that. Thanks for sharing. I know that last picture is gorgeous right!? I love drooling over other people's homes. 😉

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