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I received a nice email the other day from someone at HomeGoods talking about there new “Stylescope” personalities.  Want to take the quiz?  It’s super easy and it was my style 100% right now.  Loved that.  I always have fun taking these kind of quizzes.  They asked me to spread the love, so let’s check out what my Stylescope is.
{I did not get perked to do this in anyway}
You just have to pick 5 images and you get your style personalty back.
My style is “Set Sail” with a touch of BOHO.  This is my style right now.  I would say that my style is Transitional Coastal Cottage.  Well I’m mostly Transitional right now, but I am trying to change it slowly to Transitional Coastal Cottage.  Our Family room is already this style and now I’m trying to add the “Coastal Cottage” part into the rest of our home.
The funny thing is that I already have that white vase at the bottom right corner of the above picture, I have star fish, driftwood, coral, seashells, seaglass and even some of those glass fishing buoys.  So I guess I already have a lot of “coastal cottage” in my home already, but I know I need more in each room.  Just bringing in a little bit into each room will make me very happy.

The quiz tells you what your style means and how to even get that style.

I so have to try the centerpiece for the dining table.  Check out under “how does set sail entertain?”.  If you can’t read it, it says “display a collection of seashells and smooth stones in an ombre pattern as a centerpiece for your dining table”.  Oh yes please!!!  Ombre and seashells and seaglass…I’ll take it.  I think it would be fun to make this happen.  Now I will have to find pieces to use that I already have and I might have to buy some new pieces.  Such a fun idea on a table.  I will have to find a cute little tray for it as well.  Oh I guess I’ll be off to HomeGoods yet again for some more decor.  😉

The quiz also gives you a Pinterest board to follow of your style and of course you can follow all of the style boards for HomeGoods on Pinterest.  And they even throw in a blog that has the same style as you.  Great inspiration!!!

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I would love to hear what your style is, so please leave me a comment and tell us all about it.  Was it your style?  Did you get any new ideas from it?  Let’s talk about it!!!
Thanks for stopping by everyone!!!  Have a great weekend!!!  :)



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