A Touch of Fall in the Bedroom

I only put a touch of Fall into our master bedroom.  I came across this great post from Becoming Martha {great blog, go check out what Sarah is up to}.  She turned me onto this great website Tagxedo where you can make up your own word art within a picture and print it out for free.  You can add your own words, change the colors and fonts.  Check out Becoming Martha for the how-to’s to get through this site.  Go check it out, it’s pretty cool.  Thanks for turning me onto this site Sarah.  :)
I Googled the term “fall vocabulary word list”.  It gives you lots of words to choice from.  I just deleted the words I really didn’t want.  You can use as many words as you want or as little as you want.  Have fun with it.  Or just come up with your own words.
I bought the frame at HomeGoods.  It’s a blue/green color with a dark glaze like affect over it.
I added a burnt orange runner to my dresser to add to the Fall feel.
Then I added a few pieces to my nightstand and I was done.  Yeah I didn’t even realize the frame match the Fall pieces.  haha!
I hope you like my “Touch of Fall” that I added to my bedroom.  Decorating doesn’t have to be over the top to bring in a little feel of a holiday or season. For me when it comes to Fall I like the burnt oranges and the greens, but I like the pop of white with it.  Then when it comes to Spring/Summer I like more whites with pops of blues.  Winter is usually silver, white & blues.
Thanks for stopping over everyone!!!  Have a great day!!!  :)


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