De-Cluttering the Pantry/Kitchen

I’m following Mary Organizes De-Cluttering challenge.  I posted about it here.  This week was the kitchen/pantry areas.  I was able to get to the pantry so far.  It feels really good to de-clutter/organize this pantry.  It’s been like this for months now and I needed something to kick me in the butt to make me finally do it.  I have more areas to get to in the kitchen, but wasn’t able to completely follow Mary’s schedule 100%.

I even have extra room to put more stuff from the Kitchen if I need to.  YAY!!!  It feels so good that the Pantry was reorganized.  I love opening the door now, because it makes me feel less stressed about one area in my home.  I have a lot of other reorganizing to do in my home and I plan to follow Mary Organizes as much as I can each week so hopefully I can get it all done.
De-cluttered/reorganized my corner cabinet in the kitchen too.  Sorry the before is blurry.  I needed to make room for my newborns stuff so I could get it off of my counter.  I will show you how I organized the rest of my counter in a future post.  I threw away most of the stuff in this cabinet.  There was some really old stuff in there.  I really don’t like this corner cabinet, but I think it works for right now for my baby’s stuff and for my tea’s.  I’m sure it will change over time but for now this works for me.
Thanks for stopping by everyone!!!  What did you de-clutter this week?  Love to hear all about it.  Leave a comment if you want to share with all of us.  Have a great day!!!



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