Need Your Opinions My Lovely Followers

Note:  Sorry I haven’t been around a lot.  Trying to help out in our community and with some very good friends that lost everything in their home after SuperStorm Sandy.  New York will come back stronger, but it’s going to be a long road.  But good community, good family & friends will make that all easier on some I hope.  It’s amazing to see so many people come together from all over the USA to help those in need at this time.  xoxo

I’m turning to you, my lovely followers, for some opinions about my kitchen.

Below is our kitchen and I need to make some changes.  I need to brighten it up.  This will be a process over time, but I want to get a to-do list put together so the project runs smoothly.


  1. Paint the whole island white and leave the rest of the cabinets the cherry wood.  
  2. Add white wood planking on the outside of the island horizontally. I would end the planking on the sides of the island.  So the doors and the inner side of the island would still be cherry wood.

What are your thoughts?  I would love to hear someone else opinion on this one.  My hubby didn’t seem to mind either way.  Though we both thought that doing the horizontal plank wood, would be a lot easier then having to paint everything.  haha.  I would love to hear your thoughts and what you might do to brighten things up in our kitchen.  One day I might actually talk my hubby into changing out the backsplash.  We loved it at the time, but we just choose everything very dark and now of course my taste has changed.  I still love the kitchen, but I need it brighter in some way.

 Sorry for the older pictures, but I already had these to use.  There is only a few changes to the area anyway.
Here is our Dining Room which is right next to the kitchen.  Again this room is too dark.  But I think I’m going to paint the mirrors white and the inner piece will stay brown like the Ballard Design ones.  But that is a whole other project.
{again, sorry for the old pictures}

Want to see a look at the original kitchen from the previous owners?  Oh I know you do.  I will say one thing, it wasn’t that bad looking in pictures, that is why we went and looked at the house in the first place.  But the kitchen was really gross and there were flaws in it that I didn’t like.  So I talked the hubby into redoing the kitchen completely before we moved into our home.  Best decision we ever made.  You have to understand that the previous owners were not that clean and they had lots of animals {which I’m allergic to}, and the counters were in pretty bad condition.  Plus those upper cabinets had to go that were over the island.  The footprint of the inside part of the kitchen was very small for two people to walk around in.  It had to go.
Looks like a whole new house right?  Painting our walls and adding in cherry wood cabinets made all the difference in the world for this kitchen.  It really warmed things up.
You can take a look at the whole process with our kitchen and see a lot more pictures of the kitchen.  Yet again, sorry for the bad pictures.  I really need to take all new pictures and put a “house tour” tab together for all of you.  I’m putting that on my “to-do-list” right now.

Love the wider planked wood, but I want to put the wood horizontal.

Oh My Gosh I would love to do this to our catherdal ceiling in the kitchen and dining room.  Oh no, now I have another idea.
I love this island.  Not sure about doing ours in turquoise, I think I will stick with white for this project.

I guess this would be closer to the look, but I want more of a cottage look, so that is why I think I will go with horizontal planks in white.

I finally found an island with horizontal planks.  What do you think?  I think I might be in love.  Those look like 6 or 8 inch planks.  Oh yes please!!!  My biggest worry is that our island is not flat and has odd angles.  I’m sure we can figure out the angles, but I just hope it will look good.  Maybe we can play around with some scrape wood first but not nail or glue anything yet.

Here is our island again so you don’t have to go to the top.  See all those angles.  Yikes.  What were we thinking?  Right we had just bought a house and we didn’t know anything, that is what happened.  😉  But this is how you “live” in your home and make changes over time.  :)

OK, so seriously I would love to here your opinions.  Do you like option 1 or 2?  Do you like this last picture with the wide planks?  Do you think I’m out of my mind?  It’s ok, you can tell me the truth.  Please by all means, if you have any other ideas or come across other pictures for me, I would love to see and hear all about them.  Thank you so much everyone!!!

Thanks for stopping by everyone!!!  Have a great day!!!  :)


Hurricane Sandy – The Aftermath

My heart is very heavy right now after Hurricane Sandy hit Long Island hard.  Over 900,000 homes were out of power and there are still over 600,000 out of power.  Trees are down everywhere, homes were destroyed and lives have been changed forever.
First I want to let all of you know that we are ok, our home has no damage and our cars have no damage.  We only lost power for 20 hours, so we were one of the lucky ones to get our power back up so quickly.  But it truly is a war zone here.  The National Guard and FEMA are here on Long Island already helping out.  Plus Red Cross is here too.
But some of my friends and local neighborhoods have been devasted.  People’s homes exploded, house fires that couldn’t be put out because fireman were standing 5 feet in water to fight them and just couldn’t put them out with the winds.  Fireman that had to walk away from homes and watch them burn.  Our neighbor and very good friends across the street, the husband is a fireman and the stories are hard to hear.  There is so much sadness, so much loss.  My friend that lost everything, they have triplets and a 5 year old and they have nothing now.  Thankfully they have lots of friends and family to lean on and stay with right now until they figure things out.
Gas Stations are running out of gas and a lot of food stores aren’t up and running yet.  It is crazy to think this happened to Long Island.  We all know that we always think, “this will never happen to me”, well it did happen now.  We all have to learn to be more prepared for the long haul.  Stock those pantries with dry goods, have ice in the freezer, get propane for your BBQ, get extra gasoline for your vehicles, etc.  So many things we all could have done differently.  And most of all listen to what officials are telling you to do please.  The media was telling everyone the right thing.  If they tell you to leave your home, please leave.  Don’t make fireman or others come and get you now in flooded areas that they might not be able to get to for days.  We truly had no idea how bad this storm was going to be.  But next time I know I will be even more prepared then I already was.  We had gas and food and ice, but we could have had more in place just in case we needed it.  We were lucky this time, maybe next time we wouldn’t be as lucky.  God forbid of course.
New Jersey got hit soooo much harder then Long Island.  This just doesn’t seem like reality at all.  My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone that was affected by this storm from the start of it in the south to the end of it up north.  We will rebuild, we will!!!  Lots of hugs to everyone out there that was affected.  Thanks for listening to me today everyone.  I’ll be back next week with some decorating posts hopefully.  I have to put some posts together.
After all of that destruction, Mother Nature gave us a double rainbow in our town.  See the second rainbow, just to the right of the other one.  It’s faint.
Hug your families tighter and be kind to your neighbors.  We all need to pull together and not fight with each other over gas.  Please take a deep breath and be patient at this time.  This is a scary time and we all need to do what is right.  We will get through this and we will help each other get past this.

Thanks everyone!!!  Be safe and have a great day!!!


Our Fall Wedding – 10.22.06

This time today, 6 years ago I married the man of my dreams.  He truly is my soulmate.  I can’t believe it’s been 6 years since we said “I Do“.  We have been together for almost 9 years come January 2013.  It has been an amazing 6 years being married to my hubby.  Enough with the mushy words….do you all want to see some pictures from our wedding.  I have never shared out wedding pictures on this blog yet.  I will also show you some of the DIY projects that my hubby and I did for our wedding day.
“Getting Ready”
“Leaving for the church”
I had this ring pillow made
 DIY church programs
“Waiting to walk down the isle”
 Hubby was whispering in my ear
Bridal Party
We did it!!!
We celebrated with streamers.  Love this picture.
DIY Place Cards
 Our centerpieces and table settings
DIY menu’s
 DIY gift box.  Everyone put their envelopes in the top slot. The pictures are from our engagement shoot.
Place Cards for our table
 “Groom’s Cake”
 My hubby’s car.  He was so surprised.  Yummy!!!
  We bought coffee & tea and put them in bags for part of our Thank You gift.
 Our Thank You gift was coffee mugs.  DIY thank you tags.
Just the two of us!!!
I still love looking through our wedding pictures.  A very wonderful day for the both of us.  Thanks for stopping by.  If you have any questions about any of the DIY’d projects, please let me know and I will try to answer your questions.  I’m going to try to put together another post this week with more details from all of the DIY’d projects from our wedding.
Thanks for stopping by everyone!!!  Have a great day!!!  I’m off to celebrate with the hubby now.  :)


iVillage Feature – 25 Autumn Inspired Tablescapes

I was very excited when iVillage contacted me to use one on my posts.  They wanted to feature my Fall Tablescape in their series 25 Autumn-Inspired Tablescapes.  I was feature with a bunch of other great bloggers too.  If you have never heard of iVillage, it’s an online community with lots of different articles to look at.  Some really great ideas.  They talk about Home & Garden, Food, Beauty & Style, Health, Entertainment, Parenting, Love & Chat Boards.  It’s a pretty cool site….so check it out if you have the time.  You can sign up for free.  I was not perked in anyway, just liked the site.

Here are the pictures they used from my Autumn Coastal Cottage Tablescape post.  Pretty cool to see your name published.  Yup I’m still grinning over here.  :)

Let’s check out the others that were featured.  You can check them all out here so you can visit those blogs as well.  Also there were some event designers that they featured.  Some really gorgeous tablescapes and it makes me feel very privileged to have been featured with all of these other amazing bloggers and event designers.

I love this outdoor tablescape.  It says “come on and sit down for awhile”.  Loved all the natural elements that was used on the table and the flowers just gave it the pop it needed.

This is actually from Tori & Dean.  Yes Tori Spelling.  Those name tags are chalk paint, so they can use them for anything in the future.  Pretty cool idea.

I absolutely love white pieces with brown accents.

Look at all of those natural pieces in this tablescape.  Wheat, coffee beans and fruit.  Love it!!!
Warm, inviting and simple.
Hello pattern.  I have to buy a patterned runner like this for my table now.  Love all the white with the pop of orange.  Just gorgeous!!!  What a statement!!!
Oh the layers.  Really adore the pattern with all the solids.
Here is the white and brown again, plus some silver and crystal thrown in.  Casual and very welcoming.
Hello pretty room.  I really love the centerpiece on this one.  Fun, cheap and simple.  Love all the orange and greens.
White is so in right now.
I love how simple and casual this tablescape is.  So many things you might have in your home already, minus the pumpkins probably.  😉  A pail full of mini pumpkins, twine, glass and wood.  Love it!!!
Apple candle holders.  So cute.  And how I love burlap right now.  Love how she used the burlap.
I really like how they used the round and square plates.  So elegant.
Burlap, turquoise, pumpkins, white and a pop of yellow….oh yeah.  I LOVE this tablescape.  Inspiring!!!

WOW, right!!!  Some really great inspiration.  I have so many ideas going through my head now for my next tablescape, but probably for Christmas.  I might play around with something else in between for the Fall Season and of course I will share that with you if I do something new.

So which tablescape caught your eye?  Do you like the more traditional tables or the more modern with pops of color and pattern?  I really liked each of these in their own way and I took a little inspiration from each that I would love to use in one of my tablescapes.

Thanks for stopping by everyone!!!  Have a great day!!!  :)


A Touch of Fall in the Bedroom

I only put a touch of Fall into our master bedroom.  I came across this great post from Becoming Martha {great blog, go check out what Sarah is up to}.  She turned me onto this great website Tagxedo where you can make up your own word art within a picture and print it out for free.  You can add your own words, change the colors and fonts.  Check out Becoming Martha for the how-to’s to get through this site.  Go check it out, it’s pretty cool.  Thanks for turning me onto this site Sarah.  :)
I Googled the term “fall vocabulary word list”.  It gives you lots of words to choice from.  I just deleted the words I really didn’t want.  You can use as many words as you want or as little as you want.  Have fun with it.  Or just come up with your own words.
I bought the frame at HomeGoods.  It’s a blue/green color with a dark glaze like affect over it.
I added a burnt orange runner to my dresser to add to the Fall feel.
Then I added a few pieces to my nightstand and I was done.  Yeah I didn’t even realize the frame match the Fall pieces.  haha!
I hope you like my “Touch of Fall” that I added to my bedroom.  Decorating doesn’t have to be over the top to bring in a little feel of a holiday or season. For me when it comes to Fall I like the burnt oranges and the greens, but I like the pop of white with it.  Then when it comes to Spring/Summer I like more whites with pops of blues.  Winter is usually silver, white & blues.
Thanks for stopping over everyone!!!  Have a great day!!!  :)


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Autumn Coastal Cottage Tablescape

Well the tablescape is probably more Autumn Coastal then it is Cottage, but I tried to get that feeling.  I’ve been trying to get more Coastal Cottage in my home, so that my style then would be Transitional Coastal Cottage, but I’m still working on that.  I’ll get there at some point.

I already had the wire basket with the Japanese glass fishing floats, that I bought at HomeGoods over the summer.  So I decided I wanted to incorporate  the Coastal part into my Autumn tablescape this year.  You can check out last years Autumn tablescape here.  Last years was much more casual and simple and just straight up Autumn.  I like changing it up.
I took out all of my melamine dinnerware that I bought a couple of years ago from Target.  I have used some of it in different tablescapes I have done, like our Christmas tablescape from 2011.  I used the blue plate as a charger, but for this tablescape I made the square plate into a diamond shape to change things up.
For the most part, I grabbed things from around the house that I already had.  The only news things are the mercury pumpkins and the pumpkins in the wire basket, I bought those a few weeks ago at HomeGoods of course.  😉

Here is a closer look at those mercury pumpkins.  I love them.  They were only $9.99 each.  Check out the mercury glasses I bought that are in the living room right now.

I wanted to show you the napkin rings that I made.  Just some thin wire and jewelry beads.  I love how they turned out.  They aren’t too big and bulky, so it’s easy to store them.  And I guess I could always take them apart down the road and make something else with them or change them up.

Have you Autumn-ized your table this year yet?  Did you go with orange, greens and neutrals?  Maybe some silver or gold is your thing?  What colors did you use?  I would love to hear and even see your tablescapes.  Leave a link in the comment area if you would like to share with all of us.

Thanks for stopping by!!!  Have a great day everyone!!!  :)


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Metamorphosis Monday

Fall Living Room Decor

I absolutely love the Fall season.  We were even married in the Fall…October.  Next month I will share our Fall wedding, even though we will be married for 6 years.  I can show you all of the DIY projects we did for our wedding to save money.  So stay tuned for that post around October 22nd.  Anyway, back to my Fall living room decor.  I have been itching to change over the house to my Fall colors.  I was sort of done with the Summer a few weeks ago.  Fall in New York starts on September 22nd this year, so I am just in time to have the house ready.  I will have a few more posts about the rest of the house and how I added Fall all around.  Let’s take a look around the living room.
I wanted to add in some subtle touches of Fall into our home.  I love adding in orange and green, plus some muted purple this year and I even left in a pop of turquoise to have some fun.  Seems to be a trend I just started to see on Pinterest this week.  Check it out here, here, here, here, here.

I started to really like Mercury Glass this year.  I had to have some and now I think I need more for Christmas.  tee hee!!!  Aren’t they gorgeous?

I found this cute pear at HomeGoods.  Well I actually bought two of them, but the other one is in the bedroom.  Stay tuned for that post.

So here is the breakdown of the new stuff I bought for this room.  I already had a lot of the littler stuff…the filler pieces, but I wanted to add more to my Fall decor.  It’s great to be able to buy stuff over time and not spend a ton of money all at once.  Plus your taste changes from year to year and the styles change as well.

Wood pumpkin – Kohl’s = $4.99
Pear – HomeGoods = $7.99
Mercury Glass Votives – Kohl’s = $4.99 each

Bean Bag Pear – HomeGoods = $12.99
Decorative Woven Balls – HomeGoods = $9.99 for bag
Small Orange Pumpkins – HomeGoods = $7.99 for bag
Purple Throw – Kohl’s = $19.99

I already had some of the decor from past years.  Plus I already had the pillows and the curtains.

Check out all of the burnt orange and teal on Pinterest.  Lots to pin.  :)
Here is some eye candy for the color combo.  Love it.




Do you like orange with teal?  Do you have the combo in your home?  I would love to hear all about it.  Leave a comment so we can all see what others have in their homes.

Check out these other Fall post from the past.  1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

Thanks for stopping by everyone!!!  Have a great day!!!  :)



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Fall Into New Bedding

I needed some new Fall bedding because last year I bought a new king size duvet, which meant I needed to buy new king size duvet covers as well.

I’ve been looking for months for a duvet cover and I finally found one that I loved.  Since I love Bed Bath and Beyond so much for their coupons, it was great to use my 20% off coupons for this new purchase.  The duvet cover is sold separate from the shams, so I was able to use three 20% off coupons to buy all three pieces.  SCORE!!!

If you have been following me for awhile, you might notice something different about the room.  Can you see what changed?
{don’t mind the ugly lighting, I’ve learned to use my DSLR a lot better now with no lights}
Let’s see some before pictures.

Yup we moved the bed to the longer wall.  Our bedroom is only 13×11 feet.  When we were shopping for furniture for this room we thought this was the only way we would fit everything into the room and still have room to walk around the bed and be able to get past the dressers.  We don’t have a very large closet, so we needed two dressers.  Last weekend I woke up with this thought of finally just moving the bed to the longer wall and seeing if we had enough room or not.  We have hardwoods and all the furniture has felt on the legs, so we just had to “push” everything around the room.  And IT WORKED!!!  I’m so excited.  We actually had more room then we thought we would have and we both love the room in the new layout.

Here is the duvet cover online at Bed Bath and Beyond.  This was the look I fell in love with in the store.  They actually had a bed made up just like this.  I fell in love right away.

But I knew I wanted it for the Fall/Winter months, so I had to find some dark moody sheets to go with the new duvet cover.  I finally found a nice dark blue set of sheets.  They are gorgeous.

You might have also noticed that we had to move some of the stuff around that was on the walls.  A frame and our Aloha plaque had to be moved because the headboard was too high.  Now they live on this wall instead.

I actually love them on this wall so much better.  The frame has a Hawaiian marriage prayer that we received as a gift for our wedding.  The plaque we bought when we went to Hawaii for our honeymoon.  Our friend didn’t even know we were going to Hawaii for our honeymoon when we received the gift.  They go together so nicely, no?
Now we don’t have a problem with this mirror.  We were able to lower it and center it on this wall now and it’s a center piece all by itself.  We love it.  And I also don’t have to wonder now what else to do to this wall to balance out the window.  The picture frame ledges are centered on the new wall that the bed is on, so I don’t have to figure anything new out.  Lovin’ that!!!  :)
There are those dark blue sheets.  Love them!!!
I “adore” the design on this duvet cover.  The color is light beige with a darker gray/beige {greige}.  I’m lovin’ greige right now, so this was perfect.  I can also have this duvet cover on at any time of the year.  I really need some new pillows, but that will have to wait for a little while.

I know that this look might not be for everyone, because the bed isn’t lined up with the shelves.  But they are centered on the wall between the window and the right wall, so they stayed.  I wasn’t moving the shelves around and making new holes.  If I ever get knew shelves, they I will probably change the look around some, but for now, it works for us.

I love Fall.  All the dark muted colors makes everything feel so warm and cozy.  What colors do you use for the Fall season?  Have you charged over to Fall colors yet or are you still waiting for September 22, 2012 for the 1st official day of Fall?

Thanks for stopping by everyone!!!  Have a great day!!!  :)



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Thrifty Decor Chick

My HomeGoods Stylescope

I received a nice email the other day from someone at HomeGoods talking about there new “Stylescope” personalities.  Want to take the quiz?  It’s super easy and it was my style 100% right now.  Loved that.  I always have fun taking these kind of quizzes.  They asked me to spread the love, so let’s check out what my Stylescope is.
{I did not get perked to do this in anyway}
You just have to pick 5 images and you get your style personalty back.
My style is “Set Sail” with a touch of BOHO.  This is my style right now.  I would say that my style is Transitional Coastal Cottage.  Well I’m mostly Transitional right now, but I am trying to change it slowly to Transitional Coastal Cottage.  Our Family room is already this style and now I’m trying to add the “Coastal Cottage” part into the rest of our home.
The funny thing is that I already have that white vase at the bottom right corner of the above picture, I have star fish, driftwood, coral, seashells, seaglass and even some of those glass fishing buoys.  So I guess I already have a lot of “coastal cottage” in my home already, but I know I need more in each room.  Just bringing in a little bit into each room will make me very happy.

The quiz tells you what your style means and how to even get that style.

I so have to try the centerpiece for the dining table.  Check out under “how does set sail entertain?”.  If you can’t read it, it says “display a collection of seashells and smooth stones in an ombre pattern as a centerpiece for your dining table”.  Oh yes please!!!  Ombre and seashells and seaglass…I’ll take it.  I think it would be fun to make this happen.  Now I will have to find pieces to use that I already have and I might have to buy some new pieces.  Such a fun idea on a table.  I will have to find a cute little tray for it as well.  Oh I guess I’ll be off to HomeGoods yet again for some more decor.  😉

The quiz also gives you a Pinterest board to follow of your style and of course you can follow all of the style boards for HomeGoods on Pinterest.  And they even throw in a blog that has the same style as you.  Great inspiration!!!

Above pictures from
I would love to hear what your style is, so please leave me a comment and tell us all about it.  Was it your style?  Did you get any new ideas from it?  Let’s talk about it!!!
Thanks for stopping by everyone!!!  Have a great weekend!!!  :)


Decluttering The Kitchen Counter

I had to declutter my kitchen counter.  There was just way too much on it and I had to figure something out to get some of it off the counter.

Here is the before.  Yup every inch of the counter was taken up by coffee supplies of sorts.
{white canister is from HomeGoods and coffee cups were our thank you gifts at our wedding}
The biggest problem was were will the K-cups go.  I loved this little holder, that I believe I picked up at Bed Bath and Beyond for $20 a few years ago.  But as cute and functional as it was, I had to find some place else for them.
YAY, I was able to clear the counter.  Now it looked sad and boring.  So I shopped my house.
And I found this basket.  It was a little too tall, but it served it’s purpose until I found something else I liked more.  The white canister, from HomeGoods, is used for our used k-cups and we just empty it once a week or as needed.  We also put egg shells and scraps in it so we don’t stink up our garage pail.  We are only a household of two, so we only throw the garage out once a week.  If you put all of those things in the garage pail, then there is this horrible smell by mid week.  The canister is probably really for a cookie jar and seals well, so we don’t have any problems with it.  It works for us.  We throw it out once a week and wash it also.  So where did those K-cups go?  Do you see them?
There they are.  I know you can see them even from across the room, but I can live with it like this since it’s OFF my counter.  Introducing the Under Cabinet K-Cup Holder for $29.95.  It was so worth the money I spent on this product.  We love it.  It has strips of double sided tape and screws to install this.  We used both just in case.  The screws are very short, so they will not go through the bottom of the cabinet.
It just pulls down when you want some coffee or tea and goes nicely back into hiding when you are done.  Love that!!!
This should fit under most cabinets.  The measurements are on Amazon.
This under cabinet holder holds 24 k-cups.  The counter one held 20.  Actually there is a larger one sold on Amazon, that holds 36 k-cups, but your cabinets have to be 13 inches or deeper.  The larger holder could be installed under a corner cabinet.
As you can see from the first picture I did find a better tray.  Of course I found it at HomeGoods for $19.95.  I love it.  It’s just the right size for the canister and 4 cups.  The rest of the cups went into our coffee mug cabinet.
Let’s check out all of the trays prettiness.  I love the darker knots in the wood and it’s rustic feel.  They made it look like a freight box that was cut down to size.
Really love the great darker colors to the wood.

And you can’t have a rustic wood tray without some wrought iron handles.  Gorgeous!!!
So that is how I “decluttered” my kitchen counter.  Have you decluttered your counters?  What did you do?  Did you use a tray?  Do you have any other ideas for decluttering your counters?  We would all love to hear your ideas.  Leave them in the comment section.  We all love some comment love!!!  :)
Thanks for stopping by everyone!!!  Have a great day!!!  :)