Bathroom Cabinet Organization

I just couldn’t take it anymore.  Our large bathroom cabinet just wasn’t cutting it anymore.  Everything was all over the place and both mine and my husbands stuff was all over the place.  I mean we knew where everything was that we needed, but it was a mess and there was a lot of stuff that needed to be purged.  So I completely cleared our counter top and took everything out and organized it on the counter.  Anything that we didn’t use anymore or was expired went into the recycle bin or the garbage.  It felt so good to get rid of things in there.
A couple of weeks ago I found these cute little 2 packs of long thin trays at Target.  I love you Target for always having the right things at the right time for me.  These were in the $1 section, so since they were a pack, they were really 50 cents each.  SCORE!!!  So for $3, I had 6 trays to work some magic with.  I’ll be honest, everything doesn’t fit perfectly inside of them because they are thin, but it works so much better then the way we had it.
Oh yeah, this is so much better.  So I have 5 trays and the hubby has 1 tray.  He shaves his head, so he doesn’t have much stuff.  πŸ˜‰  {teehee}
Now I can find things easier, we have extra room and it looks organized.  I love it!!!

Here is the before and after again side by side…well one on top of the other actually.  πŸ˜‰
So have you organized your bathroom cabinet recently?  What did you use to organize it?  Did you find things that you completely forgot about and was expired for a couple of years?  Do tell.  Share away with the rest of us.  You can put a link to your story in the comment section if you want.  We would all love to hear about it.
You can check out other updates I have done in the bathroom, here, here and here.
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Soap Scum Be Gone!!!

I hate soap scum in my bathroom….I hate having to clean it, but Shaklee Basic H2 helped me clean our glass shower doors.  Yup these are my real shower doors….all dirty and everything.  Embarrassing, but I was just keepin’ it real for you when it comes to cleaning and what Shaklee can do with natural products!!!  No chemicals, no fumes, just clean shower doors in the end.

After a few rounds of trying to get the soap scum off….yes I hadn’t cleaned them in awhile because that is how much I hate cleaning them.  I would choke from the fumes of the products I was using to clean the bathroom.  Even opening the window didn’t help that much.  I have allergies and slight asthma.  And I was using Method.  I must tell you that the Method bathroom cleaner did NOT work that well at all.  I used Shaklee H2 Degreaser solution.  I applied it 2-3 times to get all of the soap scum off and now look how well you can see through the glass shower doors.  Nice right?

Does anyone else hate cleaning their glass shower doors?  How do you clean yours?  Are you ready for a healthier cleaner life?  If yes, then try Shaklee.  A lot goes a loooonnnnggggg way for the price.  Check out this post for more information on Shaklee.

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So if you would like to stop cleaning with harm chemicals, you can order some Shaklee products by clicking on this button below. If you have any questions let me know.

HomeGoods Meets Ikea Meets Pier 1

I knew I wanted something new on top of our vanity in our bathroom.  Now I just had to figure out what to put there.  Well I’ve been seeing a lot of small trays with bathroom stuff on top of them, so I was on the hunt for just the right one.  I go “looking” or “shopping” often enough at HomeGoods & Ikea.  I’m lucky enough to have both either near my home or near my job.
First, I wanted something to hold my Q-tips, but it had to sort of hide them.  I remembered that I had a crystal container with a lid, so I pulled it out of the closet.  It’s perfect for what I wanted it for.  The crystal container was completely free because I received it as a Thank You gift from a shower I went to.  Second, I wanted something that was decorative to go on the tray.  I found the blue bowl in the kitchen area of Ikea.  It was $2.99.  Then I finally found the right tray.  I actually bought 3 differnet trays before I found the right one.  Right now HomeGoods has a lot of these type of trays in their bathroom section.  I was pretty sure I wanted white, but I had also found a silver & blue one.  So I bought all three and then picked the white one in the end.  The tray was $7.99.  So for a total of $11.00, I added some function & design to the bathroom.  I want to add some sand & sea shells to the blue bowl.  I have the sea shells already, just need to buy some sand.

This cute little bird came from Pier 1.  I bought him a couple of months ago.  He is a cute little touch to our bathroom.  I wanted more decor in the room that was lighter.  Who doesn’t like white ceramic birds.

This little bowl was found at HomeGoods a few months ago too.  I bought three and one of them ended up here.  I’m not sure where to use the other two yet.  We will see where they turn up in my home.

Down the road we will be repainting this bathroom a light blue.  It might be more down the road then I would like, but I will change the color sooner or later.  I want it to feel more like a spa.  I loved the green color {Benjamin Moore, Weekend Getaway} I picked when we first moved into the house, but now I want something a little lighter and I love blue.  You can check out this post to see some of my inspiration and how the rest of the bathroom looks.

Has anyone bought anything lately from HomeGoods, Ikea or Pier 1?  Do tell!  I would love to see what everyone else is buying lately.  πŸ˜‰

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Tile Overhaul

Happy 4th of July!!!

Have a safe & fun day!  We will be going right across the street to our neighbors for a party and fireworks.  It’s great to have good neighbors!!!
When we bought this house we expected to rent our apartment to someone we didn’t know, but instead my Mom lives in our apartment now.  If we would have know that my mom was going to be living with us, we would have updated this apartment more when we first moved in.
This every old white tile had really seen it’s better days.  No matter how we tried to clean the tile, it never looked clean, even though it was clean on the surface.  This is the kitchen tile.
It makes me dizzy to just look at this tile with the diamond inset.  This had to go, but what was going to be the easiest way.  It’s a smallish apartment and it would be really hard to have to pull up all this tile and the mess it would make.  We were trying to keep expenses down as much as possible.
Here is a close up so you can see how much it looked old and dirty.  We bleached, we steamed, we tried it all and we couldn’t get them cleaner.  Yup even tried the magic eraser – nada!!!  So it had to go.
Here is the before of the bathroom tile.  The tile was a little smaller in this room, but still white and dirty.  See the whiter base trim tile on the wall?  OK that really doesn’t go well.
OK, so here is what we were starting with the bathroom floor.  Not so bad looking from a far.
Looking closer and it’s just like the kitchen tile.  Clean on the surface, but still dirty looking.  Drove my Mom nuts that she couldn’t get it clean.
Even some chips in the tile {the dark spots are the chips}.
Now this is what the bathroom looks like with it’s new tile.  Do you likey?  We likey and my Mom is super happy too.
So do you think they are real ceramic tiles?  Nope….they are vinyl.  Did I trick you?  They look pretty real right?

Here you can see the kitchen floor in the background and the bathroom floor.  Plus the threshold in between the kitchen and bathroom.
New view from kitchen into the bathroom.  I love that it’s all one type of flooring now between the two rooms.  Flows so much better now.

Before and After of the Bathroom.
We put up new 3 1/2″ PVC baseboard trim in the bathroom.  So much nicer then the 2″ tile trim that was in there before.  It just popped right off the wall thank goodness with no harm to the walls.  Bonus!!!
Before and After of the Kitchen.

OK, so here is the product we used.  TrafficMaster Allure Tile.  You can check out this post to see how we used the same product in our Laundry Room, but it looks like wood instead.  This product is a floating floor, so you can go over ceramic tile or any other tile that is smooth, or over cement flooring that is even.  If you have an uneven floor you can even it out or have a contractor even it out for you and then lay type of flooring down.  This tile flooring was $50 per box, which covers 24 sq. ft.  There are different prices for all their different flooring.  They sell this product at Home Depot.  This product is “water resistant”, not “water proof”.  TrafficMaster does have a line in this same type of material that is “water proof”, but costs a little more, so you could use it in a bathroom.  It’s an easy product to install.  Each piece just sticks to each other.  They are pre-glued.

Here is the glued area {the grey area is glued}.  They are pretty hard to get apart after you press down on them.

Well I hope you liked our mini makeover.  We did these two rooms in two days.  There were three doorways to cut around, so that took some time, but other then that it went pretty quickly.  If you have any questions at all about the product or how to install it, just let me know.

Has anyone used this product in their home?  Do you love it or hate it?  Do tell!!!

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Purging The Bathroom, Plus a Little Bling

Well as small as our bathroom is, it still needed to be purged and organized!!!  Here are my before & after’s.

Under the sink – Before
One little basket under the sink was not doing it for this bathroom.  Yikes!!!
Add a few other baskets and it’s all organized now.  Some stuff was thrown out also.  The wire mess basket drawer is from Bed Bath & Beyond.  I believe it was $19.99 and the wicker baskets are from Home Goods. I bought them as a set and they were $19.99.  $40 total to organize and have some sanity under there.

Onto the drawers now.  This is where I keep all my hair products {headbands, scrunchies, brushes}.  There was stuff I just didn’t use anymore or the elastic was worn out – gone now!!!  I needed something to organize these two drawers better.
I found these great pieces at Bed Bath & Beyond also.  They were in the kitchen drawer organizer area, but they worked perfectly for my drawer.  Four bins each for the two drawers worked out great to organize everything into smaller bins.  They were $5.49 & $4.99 each, I bought 4 of the larger ones and 4 of the smaller ones.  So for a total of $41.92, I was able to organize two of the four drawers.  The other two drawers have vitamins and other larger products in them, so they didn’t need this type of product.  I just reorganized those other two drawers and was done with them.
Here they are in the empty drawer.  There is about an inch in the back and an inch on the side, otherwise they fit perfectly for what I needed them for.
Next drawer “Before”.
Onto the BLING now!!!
We have been living with the pulls & knobs that the vanity came with, that the previous owners installed.  BUT the finish on them was not the same finish as the rest of the pieces in the bathroom.  Everything else in the bathroom is Brushed Nickel.  So after 3.5 years I had to change them.
I found a cheap version of crystal knobs at Target.  Yup Target came through in a big way when it came to these knobs.  Four knobs for $14.99.  I saw similar knobs at Lowe’s and they were $6.99 each {$27.96 total}.  I needed four of them.  So I saved $12.97.
Here is the vanity before with the old knobs & pulls.
Here is the after with the new pulls and knobs.  We bought the pulls from Lowe’s.  They were $2.99 each I believe.
Here is a close up.  I really like them.  We are actually thinking about replacing all the knobs on our bedroom furniture.  It will cost us about $100 to do that, but I think it would really add something to our bedroom furniture.  We will see if we do that or not.
So for a total of $103 for all the storage & knobs/pulls, I feel like I have a new vanity.  This bathroom was completely new when we bought the house, so all we did was paint this room when we moved it and added decor.  So spending this money was ok with us.

You can check out the whole bathroom here.

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Inspirational Eye Candy – Bathrooms

I just love a beautiful bathroom.  Whether it’s casaul or fancy…..a beautiful bathroom is a beautiful bathroom.  I hope you enjoy today’s Eye Candy.

I love all the beige & white and then the gorgeous dark wood cabinet.  It really breaks up all the neutral in the room.  The little details in the room like the crystal knobs on the cabinet and the sconces really finish off the room.

Check out how big this shower is.  It even has two glass doors, one on each side. Plus to shower heads for each person.  Nice!!!

This bathroom is very simply, clean and has that spa feeling.  Check out the top half wall and ceiling…..all the same color.  Love that look.  And that Bamboo ladder for a towel rack….genuis!!!  Just brings in that little bit of warmth into the room with the Bamboo.

Check out how many windows are in this bathroom.  All that light just pouring in.  Love where they put the mirrors….right over the windows.  Love it!!!

Love the subway tile on the walls & the penny tile on the floor, with the more modern styled tub, but the old fashioned faucet.  New yet old.  Love the look!!!

Check out this modern bathroom with all of that open storage.  Wicker baskets never looked so good.  You don’t always need cabinets with doors to store your bathroom stuff away.  Baskets with lids do the same job.

Here we have a bathroom by Sarah Richardson.  I LOVE how this woman decorates.  Always so classy and gorgeous.  Every room.  But I love that she was able to mix in a little IKEA into her room.  Check out the railing under the white cabinet with the small white baskets hanging from it.

 From Decorpad by Sarah Richardson from HGTV.

I LOVE the look of this bathroom.  Check out the ceiling, it’s blue.  Black cabinet, mixed in with other small black accents around the room.  Still light and airy feeling to this beachy bathroom.  Check out her website.  She has a gorgeous home.

From Decorpad by Just a Girl Blog

This bathroom is very unique… has a wood tub in it.  Check out the second picture and you can see the full tub.  Instead of the wainscotting & trim being white, the walls are white and the wainscotting & trim is a blue/green.  Goes great with the wood tones in the bathroom.

Love the statement of the large dark mirror in this bathroom.  All the trim work in this room is gorgeous.

Love the round mirror in this bathroom.  It softens all the straight lines in the bathroom.

All pictures are from decorpad.
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House Tour – The Bathroom

Welcome to our main Bathroom.  Actually our only bathroom…except for the one in the apartment downstairs that my Mom lives in.  When we bought the house the bathroom was already done, except the walls were white.  So we added a medium Sage Green to the walls and the accessories were sage green and a slate blue.  Here is what the bathroom looks like now.

Those are faux wood blinds that we bought at JCPenny.  Love them.

But after 3.5 years now, I want to change the color. I want it to feel more spa like, so I want a nice light Turquoise color for the walls now.  Here is where I found my inspiration.  Yes those are washcloths that I found at Home Goods.  And small little bowls I also found at Home Goods.  This was all the inspiration I needed.  I can paint this room by myself if hubby doesn’t want to help me.  So the Turquoise in the washcloth will be the paint color, the beige is the tiles and countertop and I want to add in a little more white to the room.  Not sure about new towels yet, but I will find something we love.

Here are some pictures that inspired me for my bathroom makeover.

So stay tuned for my mini bathroom make over.
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