Fall Living Room Decor

I absolutely love the Fall season.  We were even married in the Fall…October.  Next month I will share our Fall wedding, even though we will be married for 6 years.  I can show you all of the DIY projects we did for our wedding to save money.  So stay tuned for that post around October 22nd.  Anyway, back to my Fall living room decor.  I have been itching to change over the house to my Fall colors.  I was sort of done with the Summer a few weeks ago.  Fall in New York starts on September 22nd this year, so I am just in time to have the house ready.  I will have a few more posts about the rest of the house and how I added Fall all around.  Let’s take a look around the living room.
I wanted to add in some subtle touches of Fall into our home.  I love adding in orange and green, plus some muted purple this year and I even left in a pop of turquoise to have some fun.  Seems to be a trend I just started to see on Pinterest this week.  Check it out here, here, here, here, here.

I started to really like Mercury Glass this year.  I had to have some and now I think I need more for Christmas.  tee hee!!!  Aren’t they gorgeous?

I found this cute pear at HomeGoods.  Well I actually bought two of them, but the other one is in the bedroom.  Stay tuned for that post.

So here is the breakdown of the new stuff I bought for this room.  I already had a lot of the littler stuff…the filler pieces, but I wanted to add more to my Fall decor.  It’s great to be able to buy stuff over time and not spend a ton of money all at once.  Plus your taste changes from year to year and the styles change as well.

Wood pumpkin – Kohl’s = $4.99
Pear – HomeGoods = $7.99
Mercury Glass Votives – Kohl’s = $4.99 each

Bean Bag Pear – HomeGoods = $12.99
Decorative Woven Balls – HomeGoods = $9.99 for bag
Small Orange Pumpkins – HomeGoods = $7.99 for bag
Purple Throw – Kohl’s = $19.99

I already had some of the decor from past years.  Plus I already had the pillows and the curtains.

Check out all of the burnt orange and teal on Pinterest.  Lots to pin.  :)
Here is some eye candy for the color combo.  Love it.




Do you like orange with teal?  Do you have the combo in your home?  I would love to hear all about it.  Leave a comment so we can all see what others have in their homes.

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Weekend Bloggy Reading

Living Room Ideas

I have been thinking for awhile that I want to change things around in the living room.  Hopefully we will be able to do that soon.  I’m done with the leather sofa.  We actually have a sofa, loveseat & chaise, but the loveseat & chaise are in the spare bedroom for right now.  The living room is too small for all three pieces, heck it’s too small for even the sofa & loveseat.  We have had the living room both ways since we lived here.  We had this set prior to buying this house and we were just working with what we had when we moved in.  But it is time to make some changes.  I want a smaller sofa, a chair and an ottoman that will be a coffee table and ottoman.  It needs to serve a dual purpose.  We might even get a storage ottoman, but we will see what I fall in love with and what fits in our living room of course.

Let’s take a look at this room when we first moved in.  It wasn’t pretty, but it worked for us at the time.  So much as changed in this room.

And now it looks like this.  So completely different.

Since we have another ottoman downstairs in our family room, I asked my hubby to bring that one up so we could see how this large ottoman worked in our living room.  Not that it would stay in the living room, but to see the size in the room.  Yup, it’s way too big for the room, that is for sure.  Oh well.  But now I know sort of what size to look for when I go ottoman shopping.  😉
From this picture you can see how much room is in between the ottoman and entertainment center.  It’s not much.  There is about 2ft.  And there is about 2ft in between the ottoman and the sofa as well.  It just needs to be more functional.  It really should have some sort of storage, so I’m going to keep my eye out for a tufted ottoman with storage.  Hopefully for a good price.  😉
Let’s take a look at some inspirational pictures I have come across online and of course they are on my Pinterest board if you want to see more.  😉

I love the tufted ottoman.  Gorgeous nail head detail and the dark stained legs.  Maybe I could find nice wicker baskets to go underneath something like this.  Could look cute.

via BHG

Love the medium/dark gray color of this sofa.  Also love the dark stained legs on it.  I’m sensing a theme here.  Well since my style is Transitional, this look fits right in.  Mixing old {the dark stained traditional looking legs} with the sleek lines of the sofa itself.

via Laz-Z-Boy

Chair and ottoman are gorgeous!!!  I’m really tufted anything lately.  Classic look.

via My Design Chic

Gray tufted ottoman.  I want this.

via Style by Emily Henderson

I love this ottoman with Ikat fabric.  And those dark stained legs are gorgeous.

via West Elm

OK, I really love this tufted ottoman, but it’s just way to big for my room.  But a girl can dream right?  😉

via tumblr

Here are the colors that I want in my living room.  Plus add some plum purple to the mix as well.  I’m part of the way there already with pillows, rug and decor I have already bought.  So once I get to buy a sofa, chair and ottoman, then I’m pretty much all set with this room.  Plus all the work I just did to the entertainment center.

via Photocard Boutique

I love gray, white & turquoise together.

via rsmtr.info

I haven’t put a Mood Board together yet because I’m not 100% on what I want.  I also didn’t want to put something together that I loved yet until I knew I was closer to the time of being able to purchase the main pieces for this room.  Sometimes I get ahead of myself and then my taste has changed or they don’t sell something anymore.  So this time I’m waiting until I know we can financially finish this project and then I will put a mood board together.  Though Pinterest has been my online Mood Board, so I guess I’ve sort of started dreaming about this room.  Oh well.  LOL

Sorry I have been a little MIA lately, but I still have some stuff going on personally and I can’t always blog.  But I still love my blog and I want to see it grow.  I want to inspire all of you.  So I hope you will stick around.

So do you love gray & turquoise together?  What gray sofa’s do you love?  Are you a tufted ottoman person or not?  I would love to see what you are loving right now.  Let’s inspire each other.  Add links in the comment area if you want to share with everyone.

Thanks for stopping by everyone!!!  Have a great day!!!  :)

Color Changes Everything – Part 2

I’m coming back to you with Part 2 of Color Changes Everything {thanks Ikea for suppling these} – now for the Living Room.

Again we start with a neutral background and then add color.

Black & White neutral Living Room.  Curtains, art, throw & rug.  Simple room to change up so easily in the future.  Could even add a pop of color…purple maybe.
This is blue/purple color with the neutrals.
I would love these browns for the Fall season, but I would add a splash of burnt orange.
Green in all different types of shades.
Creamy Beige is added here, keeping the room extremely neutral.
Adding some navy to the creamy beige adds some warmth to the room.
You can check out Part 1 here.
Do you have a neutral room at home?  How do you decorate it?  Do you use pops of colors?  What colors?  I would love to hear all about the colors you use.  :)
Thanks for stopping by everyone!!!  Have a great day!!!  :)

Nothing A Little Material Can’t Fix

I have an ottoman/coffee table presently.  I don’t love it, but until I find a new one, this does the trick in our Living Room.  It is a tray on one side and then a cushion for the ottoman on the other side.
Anyway, I had this small problem when I put the Fall decor on it….it was too dark and you really couldn’t see the burnt orange & sage green votive holders that well.  So I went into the linen closet to see what I could find.  I found two options.  I had two table runners in the closet that would work or at least I hoped would work.

First I tried this natural Bamboo/Jute style table runner.  I love the texture of it, but it was just alittle to wide.  Darn!!!
You can see how it bubbles up here.  Nuts!!!
But luckily the other table runner worked.  It was a more solid material, but still light in color and it fit perfectly.  I just flipped the extra material under on each side and it fit just the way I wanted it.  Now I get to enjoy the beautiful colors more.

So there you have it, my quick fix to make my ottoman/coffee table lighter without having to paint it.  😉  Though I did think about painting it white, but I didn’t like that idea for this ottoman.
What little fixes have you done around your home like this?  You know those “oh how can I fix this problem without buying something new” kind of problem.  I would love to hear all about it.  Please leave a comment about your great idea, so you can share it with others.
Thanks for stopping by everyone!!!  Have a great weekend!!!
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Now You See It, Now You Don’t

OK, I have lived with these speakers on top of the entertainment center for 4 years now.  Yes they are hooked up to the stereo, which is beneath the TV hidden, so we could use them, BUT we really don’t use them all that much really.  So I had to figure something out, besides just pulling them down.  Then I walked into IKEA!!!  The angels sang to me.  The answer was right in front of my face, when I first walked into the IKEA a couple of months ago.  They had an entertainment center set up right when you walk in and there were three baskets on top of the center.  Duh!!!  Why didn’t I think of baskets?  Well for the last couple of months I have been on the look out for just the right baskets {size & color}.  I finally found them at HomeGoods.  Oh HomeGoods how I love thee.  For only $12.99 each, I was able to make a bad look into a pleasing look for just under $40.

{Sorry this picture is from the Fall. I forgot to take a picture before I put the speakers in the baskets}

Oh so much better!!!  I love how these baskets are lighter then the wood of the entertainment center.  It pulls your eye up higher in a good way now.  We want to do crown moulding in the whole house, but haven’t quite gotten there yet.  As you can see I have changed or added a lot of different things since the picture from the Fall.  More on that in a minute.

You can see more of the details in the room in this picture.

I really love the color of these baskets.  Adds nice texture to the room as well.

Now let’s see all the changes or additions I have made to the room.  I think this picture was probably from the Spring of last year.  We now have new lamps and shades, a new rug, and some new decor.

Here is our new rug from Lowe’s. Under $200 for a 8×10 area rug.  That is my kind of rug.  I love the colors in this rug and it’s nice and soft.  The background color is a chocolate/gray kind of color, with a little bit of white, some beige and a little bit of a blue/gray color.  When we get rid of the couch we have I was hoping for a medium color gray couch instead, so this rug will really go well with it.  If you remember I had already bought the runner for the hallway in this post.  Plus you can see the details on some of the pillows & the lanterns in that post.


Here are the new lamps & shades.  You can check out this post for all the details.

Well that is it for now on the updates to our Living Room.

Has anyone made any changes to their Living Room?  Buy any new rugs recently?  Buy any new baskets to hide something?  Have you shopped at HomeGoods recently?  I would love to hear all about it.

Thanks for stopping by everyone! Have a great day! I would love to hear your comments, so please leave one if you want. I love sharing and inspiring others, but I also love feed back and sharing of others ideas and thoughts. :)

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House Tour – How My Kitchen was Born – Part II

So the construction began (3.5 years ago).  We painted the “Great Room” (Kitchen, Dining Room, Living Room and Hallway) all the same color because it is a completely open area and I wanted to make sure I kept things cohesive.  We used Benjamin Moore, Carlisle Cream (light tan).
Then we received a sample of the cabinets and the granite we chose.  The cabinets are a brownish cherry wood.  The granite is called “Blue Pearl”.
Upper and Base cabinets were installed.  The kitchen was really starting to come together for us.  Our contractor was moving along very slowly.  See the white tape on the floor?  That is where our island will go.

Tip:  Use painters tape to map something out so that you can see how it will fit in your room.  Just take the measuresments of your piece and use paitners tape.  You can also do this for picture frames or art to see if you like it on the wall and where to hang it.  With painters tape you don’t ruin your paint job.

Since we have cathedral ceilings, we wanted the cabinets around the stove taller.  Love the extra storage and love the design of this.
Then the island was installed.  The window in the backyard is the Living Room area.
Applicances were installed next and the backside of the island still needed it’s panels.
Panels installed….now it looked like cabinets.
Then we needed to figure out our back splash.  So we went to the tile store and took some samples home with us.  Then we taped the tiles up with painters tape so we could get an idea how home the tiles might look.
Tip:  you can go to a tile store (at least on Long Island) and take home samples of times for a few days to see how they look in your home.
Close up of the glass tile.  We went with this glass tile and the gray slate 4×4 tile above.
Granite was installed.  We love it.  It has lots of silver and black in it.  We loved how the silver in the granite worked with the stainless steel appliances. And in this picture you can see our new hardwood floors.
The glass cabinets on the left are used for our china because we don’t have enough room in our Dining Room for a china cabinet.
Close up of our granite.  “Blue Pearl.”
We decided to go with a diamond pattern for our 4×4 gray slate tiles.  Again we used painters tape on the backside to figure out what we liked best.
Here is the back splash installed.
I have to take pictures of the way the Kitchen looks like now.  I’ve made a few tweaks to the kitchen over the 3.5 years that we have had the Kitchen.  Stay tuned for the complete after pictures with some in between pictures.  Rooms always evolve over time and I will show you how the Kitchen evolved.
Thanks for stopping by.  I would love to hear from you, so please leave a message.

Inspirational Eye Candy

I love exploring the internet for “Inspirational Eye Candy for the Home”.  I have so much saved up and I plan on sharing them with you, but just a little at a time.  I don’t want to give anyone Eye Candy overload.
I have fallen in love with Blue & Orange for decor in the home.  The color orange is not just for the Fall season anymore.
Love this Living Room. Neutral on the walls, neutral sofa’s, pops of orange on the curtains & pillows, blue accent chair & ottomans.  But check out the fun black & white rug. Still a comfortable and yet airy feeling room.

Look at that rug with dark hardwood floors…..Gorgeous!!!  OK, there isn’t blue in this room, but I just loved the rug and curtains with all the other neutrals in the room.

In this Living Room, I love how they brought in lots of natural materials.  The chair, coffee table, & even the rug looks like a cotton material.  A white room never looked so good with Blue & Orange mixed in. There is even an architectural ceiling.
Look at all of this great pattern through out the room.  There is pattern in the sofa, pillow, curtains that are very subtle, but that bolder orange pattern ottoman is gorgeous!  Neutral walls and rug which really keep the room feeling open and light.  And I love that the ottoman has dark wood and everything else has light wood. It’s probably one of the focal points in the room.

 This Living Room has blue walls, with the pop of orange in the pillows, art and some of the furniture even.  But that chocolate sofa and brown leather chairs really make the room feel warm and comfy.  Love the white trim and mantle.

Love this room.  It’s bright and simple, but pleasing to the eye.  Lots of neutrals, but the pop of orange and blue bring the room to life.  Look at the texture in the rug and the pillow.  Gorgeous high ceilings with beautiful white trim.  The curtains aren’t to bold or over powering for this room at all.  And with all the straight lines in this room, I love the round side table they brought in. 

This Living Room is very Beachy feeling to me.  Look at the walls and the then darker wood floors.  Love dark and light woods together in a room.  Gorgeous!!!  This room has just small splashes of blue & orange in it.  The rug, the pillows, the throw, curtains and the lamp shades.  I could sit in that room for hours and just be completely relaxed.
Well I hope you have enjoyed the Eye Candy.  I know I feel much more relaxed  & inspired after looking at these pictures.  Until next time……enjoy!
Pictures from www.decorpad.com


Fall Redesign – The Living Room

I love decorating for the Fall. It’s my favorite time of the year. It only took me about 30 minutes to transform from Summer decor to Fall decor…..and I didn’t spend any new money. I pretty much decorate with the same materials each year. I love Burnt Orange and Sage Green together or Burnt Orange and Light Slate Blue. I have a neutral Living Room already with light Beige on the walls, black leather couch and a pretty neutral area rug.

Before with Summer Decor
After with Fall Decor

I changed the Slate Blue curtains for Burnt Orange lined curtains first. Then I put the Slate Blue pillows away and brought out the Burnt Orange ones. (The blue pillows are actually red underneath and the blue is a pillow cover). Then I took my multi colored Slate Blue throw from our Master Bedroom and put it on the couch. I added white craft pumpkins, faux gourds and some burnt orange flowers (in place of the blue Hydrangeas that were there) and I was done with the switch from Summer to Fall.
I also bought new lamps and shades for the Living Room. The old ones were too dark for the room and didn’t give us good light (1st picture). Now these new crackled crystal bases and white drum shades give great light in the room and I love the new look to the room. (lamps and shades purchased at Target)

Money Saving Tips:
  • Great way to save money would be to buy pillow covers and just buy one set of the pillow insert. You can now have a “new” look for each season or each time you just want to refresh the room.
  • Switch pillows, decor, or throws from other rooms and get a different look in the other room.