Purging The Bathroom, Plus a Little Bling

Well as small as our bathroom is, it still needed to be purged and organized!!!  Here are my before & after’s.

Under the sink – Before
One little basket under the sink was not doing it for this bathroom.  Yikes!!!
Add a few other baskets and it’s all organized now.  Some stuff was thrown out also.  The wire mess basket drawer is from Bed Bath & Beyond.  I believe it was $19.99 and the wicker baskets are from Home Goods. I bought them as a set and they were $19.99.  $40 total to organize and have some sanity under there.

Onto the drawers now.  This is where I keep all my hair products {headbands, scrunchies, brushes}.  There was stuff I just didn’t use anymore or the elastic was worn out – gone now!!!  I needed something to organize these two drawers better.
I found these great pieces at Bed Bath & Beyond also.  They were in the kitchen drawer organizer area, but they worked perfectly for my drawer.  Four bins each for the two drawers worked out great to organize everything into smaller bins.  They were $5.49 & $4.99 each, I bought 4 of the larger ones and 4 of the smaller ones.  So for a total of $41.92, I was able to organize two of the four drawers.  The other two drawers have vitamins and other larger products in them, so they didn’t need this type of product.  I just reorganized those other two drawers and was done with them.
Here they are in the empty drawer.  There is about an inch in the back and an inch on the side, otherwise they fit perfectly for what I needed them for.
Next drawer “Before”.
Onto the BLING now!!!
We have been living with the pulls & knobs that the vanity came with, that the previous owners installed.  BUT the finish on them was not the same finish as the rest of the pieces in the bathroom.  Everything else in the bathroom is Brushed Nickel.  So after 3.5 years I had to change them.
I found a cheap version of crystal knobs at Target.  Yup Target came through in a big way when it came to these knobs.  Four knobs for $14.99.  I saw similar knobs at Lowe’s and they were $6.99 each {$27.96 total}.  I needed four of them.  So I saved $12.97.
Here is the vanity before with the old knobs & pulls.
Here is the after with the new pulls and knobs.  We bought the pulls from Lowe’s.  They were $2.99 each I believe.
Here is a close up.  I really like them.  We are actually thinking about replacing all the knobs on our bedroom furniture.  It will cost us about $100 to do that, but I think it would really add something to our bedroom furniture.  We will see if we do that or not.
So for a total of $103 for all the storage & knobs/pulls, I feel like I have a new vanity.  This bathroom was completely new when we bought the house, so all we did was paint this room when we moved it and added decor.  So spending this money was ok with us.

You can check out the whole bathroom here.

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Inspirational Eye Candy – Bathrooms

I just love a beautiful bathroom.  Whether it’s casaul or fancy…..a beautiful bathroom is a beautiful bathroom.  I hope you enjoy today’s Eye Candy.

I love all the beige & white and then the gorgeous dark wood cabinet.  It really breaks up all the neutral in the room.  The little details in the room like the crystal knobs on the cabinet and the sconces really finish off the room.

Check out how big this shower is.  It even has two glass doors, one on each side. Plus to shower heads for each person.  Nice!!!

This bathroom is very simply, clean and has that spa feeling.  Check out the top half wall and ceiling…..all the same color.  Love that look.  And that Bamboo ladder for a towel rack….genuis!!!  Just brings in that little bit of warmth into the room with the Bamboo.

Check out how many windows are in this bathroom.  All that light just pouring in.  Love where they put the mirrors….right over the windows.  Love it!!!

Love the subway tile on the walls & the penny tile on the floor, with the more modern styled tub, but the old fashioned faucet.  New yet old.  Love the look!!!

Check out this modern bathroom with all of that open storage.  Wicker baskets never looked so good.  You don’t always need cabinets with doors to store your bathroom stuff away.  Baskets with lids do the same job.

Here we have a bathroom by Sarah Richardson.  I LOVE how this woman decorates.  Always so classy and gorgeous.  Every room.  But I love that she was able to mix in a little IKEA into her room.  Check out the railing under the white cabinet with the small white baskets hanging from it.

 From Decorpad by Sarah Richardson from HGTV.

I LOVE the look of this bathroom.  Check out the ceiling, it’s blue.  Black cabinet, mixed in with other small black accents around the room.  Still light and airy feeling to this beachy bathroom.  Check out her website.  She has a gorgeous home.

From Decorpad by Just a Girl Blog

This bathroom is very unique…..it has a wood tub in it.  Check out the second picture and you can see the full tub.  Instead of the wainscotting & trim being white, the walls are white and the wainscotting & trim is a blue/green.  Goes great with the wood tones in the bathroom.

Love the statement of the large dark mirror in this bathroom.  All the trim work in this room is gorgeous.

Love the round mirror in this bathroom.  It softens all the straight lines in the bathroom.

All pictures are from decorpad.
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Our Family Room Tour – Part II {Storage}

Since we converted to gas in our home, before we moved in, we had room under our stairs now for some storage.  We just needed to make a small doorway and door.  And of course fix the wall.
Here is what it looked like under the stairs.  The cement wall on the left is the foundation of our front stoop.  Our oil tank used to be located here. Now it just needs to be cleaned up a little so we can use it to store suitcases and some tools of the hubby’s.
We took down all the sheetrock because we wanted to put up some insultation for sound purposes.  Our Living Room is right upstairs.  Plus the sheetrock needed to be repaired in a bunch of different places, so it was worth replacing it.
We {well hubby did it} put up some sheetrock inside the storage area because we wanted it to be a little more clean under there.
Doorway is framed out.
Sorry, but I didn’t take any pictures of us cutting the door or installing it, but I can answer any questions you might have and I could take pictures of the mechanism that holds the door closed.  I will try to make a follow up post about the hinges and the closing mechanism.
Well here is the final product.  You get to see some previews with this last picture of the wall color of the room, the moldings and the flooring.  The handle is just a cabinet door handle that we bought at our local hardware store.
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Our Family Room Tour – Part 1

This is our biggest project to date that we did all DIY {except for electric and cement work}.  This will be a long tour because there is a lot of work that I want to be able to share with you.  So please stay tuned for multiple posts and lots of pictures.
 Get ready now for some ugliness!!!  The previous owners let their 4 children do whatever they wanted in this house.  The paneling on all these walls had writing and drawings all over, so it had to come down no matter what.  And they also let their multiple cats and dogs do their “business” in the house.  Let’s just say when you walked into the lower level of this house, it smelled really bad and I’m being nice.  I’m also allergic to dogs and cats, so that didn’t help me any.  But the lower level is a cement slab so we just had to rip the glued down carpet from the cement and throw it out.  We wore masks and the windows were open.  It wasn’t easy, but it had to be done.
So here is the hallway in the lower level.  The doorway straight ahead goes upstairs to the left of the doorway.  If you look closely on the left side paneled wall, there is a brown door {see the brass doorknob}.  That is the first bedroom when you came down the stairs.  Look down at the carpet….yes that is “pet stains”.  YUCK!!!
Here is what the inside of that bedroom looked like…..stains and all.
At the opposite end of that hallway was the 2nd bedroom {doorway on right}.  Which really used to be the garage back in the day, until the previous owners did a garage conversion and put in the two bedrooms instead.
Inside the 2nd bedroom.  Don’t you love that pretty window treatment.  Yup it’s a Mint Green blind, that was to wide and to short for the window.  This pretty white box on the wall was the cover to the electric box. We had to come up with something else, so stay tuned for our little trick to hide the electric box.
The pretty ugly closet in the 2nd bedroom.  We kept the closet and made lots of extra storage, so stay tuned for what we came up with for that.  And there is the Laundry/Utility Room in the background.
Here were the not so pretty shelves right outside of the Laundry Room.  They were completely in the way and came down very quickly before anyone hit their head on them.
Here is the layout of the way the area used to look like until we took some hammers to the bedroom walls and doorways.  The walls were just the paneling over 2×4 stubs….nothing else in between the walls.  So demo was easy and fun!!!
This view was the greatest view I had seen since we bought the house.  Now it was a wide open blank slate for us to create what we wanted.
That is the doorway to the Laundry/Utility Room and the closet next to it.

Now we had a step to deal with.  The lower end was the old garage area, so it was lower then the rest of the house.  The doorway is the doorway near the stairs.  So we had to decide if we wanted to keep the step or fill it in with cement.
Doorway to Laundry Room on left, closet on right.
So please stay tuned for the next part of our Family Room Tour.  We have lots of pictures and projects to share with you.
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Laundry Room Cabinets Installed

Over the past weekend we installed our IKEA cabinets in our Laundry Room.  You can check out the first steps of this project here.
This is the rail system that the Akurum horizontal cabinets are installed on. Though I do believe that most Ikea cabinets are hung this way. So much easier to hang upper cabinets this way. It’s an awesome system that the Swedish came up with. Just make sure that when you install the rail you find where the beams are and drill the screws in at the beams. This way your rail system is holding all the weight of the cabinets. All we had to do was cut down the size of the rail to the size we needed. My hubby used a grinder, but you can also use a hacksaw to cut the rail.

We had to install one rail for each row of cabinets.  They give really good directions with their cabinets for installation.  Don’t worry, they actually give you words and real pictures of how to install the cabinets.  Ikea is very known for their cartoon directions with no words.  The actual instructions to put together the cabinets are still in cartoon directions, but not the installation of the rails and how to install the cabinets themselves.
Here are all the cabinets open with the glass shelves that the cabinets come with.
We ordered horizontal cabinets because our hot water heater is right next to them towards the left of this picture.  You can check out where the hot water heater is here.  Our old cabinets that we had there didn’t open the right way and we had to duck under them because they opened up to the right and not the left.  These new cabinets will give us a lot more storage space anyway.
These Ikea cabinets come with the “quite close” already installed in the cabinets hardware that you see here.  So no slamming of cabinet doors.  LOVE IT!!!
And here are the cabinets closed.  We picked the Adel cabinet doors.  You can pick any of there cabinet door fronts, so whatever your style is you can have it, in any of the finishes that they sell.

Underneath the cabinets is our freezer.  We love that we have extra space for something like this since we don’t have a garage to put a full frig.  And we received the freezer for free.  Someone that we were picking up free wood fencing from 2 years ago was throwing out their freezer, so we took it.  Reusing is a great thing when you can.  We cleaned it out well and it works great.  It has a few dents, but it works.
Stay tuned for the next part of the project.  We aren’t sure what comes next, it might be the outside door/screen door that goes to the backyard or it might be the new flooring we already brought home.  More details on both the new door/screen door & the option we went with for flooring.  I’m really excited to show you the new flooring.  You will never guess what it really is, we didn’t.
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