To-Do Projects

Sorry I have been missing in action this week.  There just seems to be a lot going on, but not in the projects department.  But I have a long laundry list of projects I would love done.  Want to see the list?  I love lists.  Oh let’s take a look anyway.
Big Projects
  1. Completely re-do the Sunroom {new windows, paneling, flooring, furniture & decor}
  2. Completely re-do our Shed {add organization, fix leak, paint interior}
  3. Paint our Great Room {Living room, Dining room, Kitchen, Entrance & Hallway}  {Might hire someone because we have some cathedral ceilings}
  4. Paint our kitchen island cabinets white {might add beadboard or plank wood to outside of the cabinets}
  5. Siding the house {will hire someone}
  6. Finish fencing in the backyard {will hire someone}

Small Projects
  1. Finish the Laundry room up. {make & hang curtains and paint trim white}
  2. Order a screen door for the back door in the Laundry room and have it installed.
  3. Organize all the storage space in the Laundry room.
  4. Re-grout our kitchen tile
  5. Install knobs on all of the kitchen cabinets
  6. Paint mirrors in Dining room white
  7. Add curtains to Dining room sliding doors
  8. Add chair covers if possible, to dining chairs
  9. Mini make-over in the Living room {some new furniture}
  10. Repaint bathroom a lighter color
  11. Add crown molding to the whole house
  12. Lots of small projects in our home office {organize, purge, decor}
  13. Add a collage wall in the hallway
  14. Add more wall decor to the whole house
  15. Add more textures to each room
  16. Add more POPS of color to each room
I’m sure there are more projects on the list, but I can’t think of any more right now.  This is a long list when you really look at, but it’s ok, it will get done slowly but surely.

What projects are on your to-do-list?  Too many projects or just enough?  Share a link to your project list if you have one.  I would love to see what everyone else is up to.

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Organizing Kitchen Cabinets

Some of our kitchen cabinets were completely out of hand and I couldn’t take it anymore.  I had to find something to make things easier to find when I opened those doors.  I looked at Target’s $1 section first and didn’t find anything that would work for my cabinets and I also checked out a bunch of different Dollar Stores in my area and nothing yet again.  So I went to Google, because Google is our friend that helps us find great deals when we can’t find them in the box stores.
Let’s take a look at what I found to organize my cabinets.
Here is the “Before” of these two cabinets.  Yes the one on the right really isn’t that messy I know, but I did fix it up a little bit.  I also add two containers to it.  I thought I was going to use them in the left cabinet, but they didn’t fit on the bottom shelf and I couldn’t move the shelf any higher, so I had to use them for something else.  Of course now, I will have to make another trip to Ikea to get three more on those tall containers to finish off the look I started.
This is what I bought from Ikea.  It’s called “Ikea 365+ Jar”.  It only comes in these three different sizes in New York.  Tall=$3.99, Medium=$2.99 and Small=$1.99.  I spent $23.00 on the 8 pieces that I bought.
The lids snap down tight when you close them and there is a very good seal on the flip top part of the lid as well.

OK, first I wanted this set from Bed, Bath & Beyond, OXO Good Grip Square Food Storage Pop Containers.  They range from $19.99 to $7.99.  So if I had bought one of each from this container line it would have cost me $101.93 for 7 pieces.  YIKES!!!  Now don’t get me wrong, they might be better for freshness, but I was not willing to spend over $100.00 on containers.  I think Ikea really came through with their containers and I couldn’t be happier right now.  I only spent $23, so I saved myself $77.00 for this cabinet.
Now let’s take a look at what I bought to organize my pots and pans.  Look at this crazy mess I had going on.  I have paper towels in between everything not to scratch them.  I don’t have really high end pots and pans, but I still want them to last as long as possible.
Check out what it looks like afterwards.  I can pull everything out a lot easier now.  I can see what I’m looking for too.  Oh wait….what is missing…YES the paper towels are now gone.  YAY!!!  I hated how that looked.  Now everything is much cleaner looking.  I also put the large pots on the shelf and a few other pieces I don’t use that often.  The bottom shelf is what gets used the most now.
This is what I bought for that cabinet.  Everything I found on Amazon for really good prices.  I actually did not look in any stores for these products, but I still think the prices were good.
This cabinet I only go into when we have company for the most part.  There are a ton of Pyrex, platters and serving bowls.  I even purged a couple of things out of this cabinet a few months ago, so it was actually worse then this.  But seriously, every time I wanted something I had to almost take everything out just to get to it.  So I had to come up with something to make things a little easier.
The “after”.  Oh yeah, so much better.
I bought 3 of these.  Two of them went in this cabinet and I still have another cabinet to clean out and organize, but I ran out of steam over the weekend.  I have three other organizational projects that I need to do and hopefully I can get to them this weekend.  Then the kitchen with almost be completely organized.  I’m so proud of myself for finally moving my butt to do all of this.
Well one last thing I want to show you is this part of my counter in the Kitchen.  I just never liked this corner.  I never know what to do with a corner like this.  So I played around with a couple of trays that I had in other rooms to make it look nicer and make it look like there’s not as much stuff.

So now it looks like this.  I like it a little bit better now, but I have to look around for another tray.  Too much wood now in one corner.  Plus I want to get that block of knives into a drawer.  I’m going to buy one of those drawer knife blocks and get this off the counter once and for all.  Then I will play around with things again for this corner and see what I can come up with.

Drawer knife block from Target.

Total cost – $63.97
Ikea containers {8} = $23.00
Pan Organizer = $10.99
Kitchen Pantry Organizers {2} = $29.98

You can check out other organizational kitchen posts here, here, here.     

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Inspirational Eye Candy – Aqua & Orange

I absolutely love how aqua & orange look together.  I hope one day soon to have those colors in my Sunroom…when we finally get to the full project of the Sunroom of course.  So today I wanted to put out there some great inspiration for this color scheme.
Let’s check out all of the different places we could use this color scheme and even some inspiration from other then home decor.  I just feel so happy to look at these color together.  It’s like sunshine with water mixed in.

This color scheme can be bright and fun.



And this color scheme can also be moody or muted in color.  Love that.  So you could have this color in the Spring/Summer when you want things to be brighter and then in the Fall/Winter when you want those more muted warm colors.  Love it!!!



Hello gorgeous storage!!!

Besides the great color scheme, I love all the texture.  Gorgeous!!  I really love how the woven shades bring a natural texture to this space.
You have to check out this adorable nursery.  See all the details and great ideas to bring this gorgeous color scheme together.
Fabric goodness!!!  Aqua, Orange & Greige {gray/beige}.  I’m really lovin’ the color greige right now.
I love the brown couches with this color scheme.  It makes it feel warm and inviting yet bright and fun.
OK, this is what I want in my Sunroom.  I love the lighter and darker elements of this space.  And that wooden table is gorgeous.
Some outdoor inspiration.



This one is more of a Coral and Aqua scheme, but it’s still gorgeous.  I love all of these colors together.


I love Autumn!!!

Some other inspiration of this color scheme.
Hello you gorgeous door.

Great colors for a Summer or Spring or even Fall wedding.


Lovely earrings.


Great party colors.  And I love Mason Jars very much right now.




Adore these chevron invitations.  So cute.


You can also check out more of my Color Inspiration over on Pinterest.

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Styling The Blog

I figured since I style so many things around my home it was time to re-style the blog.  So I decided to hire my friend Latoya.  She runs the blog A Peaceful Crib and she also runs Monique Designs where she does blog designs, invitations, announcements and more.  Please stop on over and check out Latoya’s Blog, Design website and her Etsy shop as well.  Don’t forget to show her some love when you are over there too.  πŸ˜‰
Now you can follow me on Facebook, Pinterest and RSS feed.  Check out my new media buttons on the top right.  I’m sure there will be more changes down the road, but for now, I am very happy.  I love the new look and I hope you all do also.
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Bathroom Cabinet Organization

I just couldn’t take it anymore.  Our large bathroom cabinet just wasn’t cutting it anymore.  Everything was all over the place and both mine and my husbands stuff was all over the place.  I mean we knew where everything was that we needed, but it was a mess and there was a lot of stuff that needed to be purged.  So I completely cleared our counter top and took everything out and organized it on the counter.  Anything that we didn’t use anymore or was expired went into the recycle bin or the garbage.  It felt so good to get rid of things in there.
A couple of weeks ago I found these cute little 2 packs of long thin trays at Target.  I love you Target for always having the right things at the right time for me.  These were in the $1 section, so since they were a pack, they were really 50 cents each.  SCORE!!!  So for $3, I had 6 trays to work some magic with.  I’ll be honest, everything doesn’t fit perfectly inside of them because they are thin, but it works so much better then the way we had it.
Oh yeah, this is so much better.  So I have 5 trays and the hubby has 1 tray.  He shaves his head, so he doesn’t have much stuff.  πŸ˜‰  {teehee}
Now I can find things easier, we have extra room and it looks organized.  I love it!!!

Here is the before and after again side by side…well one on top of the other actually.  πŸ˜‰
So have you organized your bathroom cabinet recently?  What did you use to organize it?  Did you find things that you completely forgot about and was expired for a couple of years?  Do tell.  Share away with the rest of us.  You can put a link to your story in the comment section if you want.  We would all love to hear about it.
You can check out other updates I have done in the bathroom, here, here and here.
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Styling a Round Table

I have struggled with styling my round table, by Ikea, for awhile now.  Rectangle and oblong are much easier for me to style, but I was determined to figure it out.  I was going through my linen closet looking for something to use.  I grabbed a couple of runners, which are usually too long for this size round table and they hang to long onto the chairs.  But this time I decided to grab two new place mats I bought recently.  Well I actually bought 6 place mats, but I only needed two for this table.

I put the two mats down in the center of the table and put the two green ends facing each other, so that when I put the tray on top the blue sections would be hanging out on each end and it looks like a short runner for a round table.

See it looks like one runner in the center of the table instead of two place mats.

Can’t see the seam of the place mat anymore now.  The tray was the perfect size to hide the seam.

I just “shopped” my house for some decor that I really wasn’t using.  Two decorating books for some height so there was some dimension to it, taller green vase, short blue bowl with sand and seashells and a white planter with a decorative ball.  Some textures, some neutrals = easy styling for a centerpiece.

I had fun putting this together and it only took me about 10 minutes to walk around the house shopping for some stuff and then 2 minutes to put it all together.

I love how it turned out.  Why didn’t I think of the two place mats sooner then this?  No idea, but I’m glad I thought of it now.  I love how it looks and I can do this with any two place mats now and change things up on the tray to have a new centerpiece.

If you want to check out the rest of our Family Room click here.

Some round table eye candy for you!!!

Let’s check out this cute outdoor table that Shauna @ Satori Design for living put together to dine al fresco style.  Nice and simple but styled just right for my taste.  Love the rosemary as a centerpiece for an outdoor table.  Any herb would do, but I love the smell of rosemary and I hear it keeps the bugs away too.


A nice floral arrangement is always a great way to go also.


Great setting for a dinner party.  Low enough to see everyone around the table, yet colorful and pretty to look at.


Big clam shell with plants in it.  Gorgeous!!!

I love the colors of this centerpiece with the colors from the place settings.

Simple yet colorful.

So how do you style your round table?  How do you style any table you have? Indoors or outdoors.  Leave a comment with a link to your blog or photo’s to share with the rest of us.  Happy table styling everyone.

Thanks for stopping by everyone.  Have a great day!!!  :)

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That Tween/Teen Thing…Bedrooms

I was looking through an organizing magazine over the weekend and I came across a great idea for tween/teen or even college students actually.  Of course it would be great even for your very small apartment as well.  So this post is pretty board.
Let’s talk about storage & beds in a small bedroom.
So when I was looking through that magazine I loved a bed that had lots of storage.  I wanted to see the options that are out there with different price  points.  Let’s take a look.

Let’s check out Ikea first.  Check out this great headboard and bed with drawers.  $100 for the headboard {full/double} and bedframe for $229.  So for $329, plus a mattress you have a nice amount of storage.  You could store books or clothes in the headboard or even your alarm clock.  Then under the bed could be clothes, in general storage or if your in a dorm room/small apartment you could store your linens too.

Here is the same bed in an actual room so you can see what it can store.  I really think it’s very versatile and probably holds a lot of storage.

Here is another storage bed/headboard combo to check out.  Could be for a girl or boy.  Again some great storage in the headboard and the drawers under the bed.  So for $229 for bedframe, $120 for headboard a total of $349 I think you have a pretty good deal and great storage.

Straight out of Ikea’s catalog, this is what the above bed could look like in a bedroom.  Love it.  And some really great colors in this room as well.  πŸ˜‰

Now let’s talk about loft beds.  For $299 from Ikea this loft bed can really save you some space in your room.  You can add bookcases and a desk top underneath to make a similar, cheaper version of the Pottery Barn loft bed below.  This is the size if you are wondering – 79″ wide x 58 1/4″ deep.

Here is what Ikea came up with for a small looking apartment.  Great use of space.

Let’s check out some ideas you could use for under this Ikea loft bed.  For $125.99 Ikea tabletop & legs you could have a great desk with storage underneath.  This is 59″ wide, so it would fit under the Ikea loft bed on the short side and you could add another one of these on the other short side.

Then you could add one of these $39.99 Ikea Expedit bookcase {31 1/8″ wide x 15 3/8 deep} on the long side of the bed and you would have great storage and great table top area for a desk and vanity.  So for a total of $590.97 for the loft bed and all the storage underneath, you are paying such a great price compared to the Pottery Barn versions below.  But you can get some really great ideas from the Pottery Barn versions.  Let’s take a look at them now.

Check out all the function and storage from this vanity loft bed from Pottery Barn.  It is $1999.00, so you would save about $1,408.03 if you bought the Ikea version of this loft bed.  A bed, a vanity, a computer desk area and a bookcase.  Love this.  Check out the link and see all the other setups they put together.  Great ideas and colors.  I really do love this one, but not the price so much.  But seriously, look at everything you can fit into a small room and still have so much function, storage and style.  {70″ wide x 81″ long}
For $1799.00 from Pottery Barn also, this loft bed has even more bookshelf storage and a desk area.  Love the cork board.  I would have loved this as a kid.  I would have had so much more room to play and hang out if I had this instead.
They even have a boys version of the same bed.  I really love it in white and dark wood.  {$1799.00}
Let’s check out what else they have a Pottery Barn.  $2495.00 {sale}

$2495.00 {sale}


$2999.00 {sale}


Here is some more eye candy of other rooms that I Googled around for, so there was even more inspiration for you.  I really love loft beds for those smaller bedrooms that just don’t have the floor space.  I think about all the possibilities and all the awesome storage that is out there and you really could have one awesome room for your child and it doesn’t have to cost a ton of money to have it.

What a great college dorm room this would be.  Maybe not these colors, but you really pack a lot of function into this space.





Oh my gosh, I’m really drooling over the great ideas that are out there.  All of that storage, all of that function for one room is amazing to me.  I’m sure there are plenty of other options and more price ranges, but I just wanted to take a look at a few that were out there.

So does one of your children have a room like this?  Are you looking for some great storage options for your childs room?  I hope I have inspired you in some way.

Thanks for stopping by!!!  Have a great day everyone!!!  :)

It’s Not Your Mothers Cleaning Products…It’s Better

Unless of course your mother used Shaklee products.  πŸ˜‰

Who wants better cleaning products?  Who doesn’t want to smell those stinky chemicals that they clean with now?  Who wants a safer product for themselves, their kids and their pets?  Who wants to SAVE lots of MONEY too?

Who else is raising their hand?  Me, Me, Me and ME!!!

While I was little I always heard, “oh it smells so clean in here” after cleaning with bleach and other products.  We are so conditioned at a young age to believe certain things because we are told that is the way they should be.  Smelling bleach and ANY other kind of cleaning product or air fresher is just completely bad for us actually.  All of those chemicals that we breath in can make us or our children sick.  Asthma is becoming a real problem for children and adults.  I know that when I was using chemical cleaning products, I had a terrible time with certain products while I was cleaning with them.  I don’t sneeze, cough or wheeze anymore when I clean.  And I really like it that way.  It’s nice NOT smelling anything when I clean now, but I’m still cleaning my home.

Well then, you want to buy Shaklee products.  Shaklee has been around for over 50 years and they know what they are doing.  All of their products are natural and have no chemicals.  I love using these products now.  They clean everything in our house and I have no complaints at all.
Let’s talk about saving money.  When you buy Basic H2.

Example:  1 bottle of Basic H2 equeals the cleaning uses of 5,824 bottles or 26 oz. Windex
{above information via House of Grace.  Thanks Bonnie}

Sorry this information is a little blurry.  If you can’t read something, please let me know.  These numbers speak for themselves.  Look at all the money you could save.

Example:  Basic H {16oz – High Consentrated}  – $10.35 per bottle
Windex {26oz} – $3.49 per bottle

Now hear me out with the example above.  With Basic H, you will use 16oz of water and only 2 drops of Basic H formula to make your “Window Cleaner”.  Yup you read that right, only 2 drops of Basic H to 16 oz. of water.  And it works awesome.  I would never go back to Windex or any other cleaner ever again.  Shaklee works great on windows, countertops, frig, oven, microwave, etc.  You can make a “window” cleaner, a “degreaser” cleaner & an “all purpose” cleaner.  So you can make three 16 oz. bottles for just pennies.  So if you would replace the following with Basic H, let’s see the money you would save.

Windex = $3.49
Fantastik = $4.29
Formula 409 = $3.29
Total = $11.07

Shaklee Window cleaner = Less than 1 cent per 16 oz.
Shaklee All Purpose cleaner = $0.05 per 16 oz.
Shaklee Degreaser cleaner = $0.33 per 16 oz.
Total – $0.39

You just saved yourself $10.68 and you made 3 different cleaners that will last you about a month depending how often you used them.  WOW!!!  I love saving that much money.

So what did you think about all of that money you can save?  Pretty awesome right?

Let’s check out the laundry products.  I buy the liquid detergent, but they also have a power detergent.  I love it and would never go back to the store products I was using.  This liquid detergent can be used as a pre-treater and a detergent for your laundry.  I get all the spots in our clothes.  Even if I miss one, it usually comes out.  I have even gotten out old stains by using it as a pre-treater and a detergent.  Plus I always put Nature Bright – Laundry Booster and Stain Remover in with my liquid detergent.  These products are highly concentrated, so you only need a little.  I actually use less then is recommended on all three of these products.  That is why it lasts me so long.  And yes it still gets our laundry cleaned every time.

$25.10 last me about 2 months  {2 people in our household} – 64 oz.

$8.80 last me about 2 months  {2 people in our household} – 32 oz.

$9.30 lasts me about 2 months  {2 people in our household} – 2 lbs.

Shaklee has so many more products to help you keep your home chemical free and even your body.  Check out all of Shaklee’s products.

If you would like to order something you have seen here today, please click here to order now.  You can still join as a Member for free for the month of July.  You will save 15% on all future orders when you become a member.  πŸ˜‰

You can check out these posts here, here and here for some of my Shaklee posts.  You can see what I have cleaned in my home with Shaklee products.

Thanks for stopping by everyone!!!  Have a great day!!!  :)

Summer Pinterest Challenge with Some Very Creative Bloggers

Anyone that is on Pinterest knows that we pin and pin and pin and most of the time we don’t do any of the projects that we “wanted to do” when we pinned it…probably months ago.  So these lovely ladies have been putting together “Pinterest Challenges” for all of us.  Well I finally was able to join in on one of these challenges.
This was my inspiration.


I have a bunch of these mason jars at home.  I found some at a Thrift Store last summer and then I bought a few more from Michael’s because I wanted 6 of them.  So this project has been waiting around for almost a year now.  I’m glad I finally got it done.  Thanks to the Pinterest Challenge Girls!!!  πŸ˜‰

Materials you will need:
  • Mason Jars of your choice or any jars that you might want to use
  • Acrylic paint for glass
  • Water or paint thinner {if you buy the thinner, buy the same brand that you bought the paint in}
  • Paint brush or rag
  • Waxpaper

So first I had to find a paint color that I loved.  I went to Michael’s and bought FolkArt “Aqua” acrylic paint for glass & ceramics.
How to:
  • Put very small amount of the paint into a container so you can mix in the water or the thinner.  I used water and not thinner.  Not sure if that makes a difference or not.
  • Mix well and test on a test glass container first to make sure you like how the paint looks.  Find the look that you want.
  • Then when you find the right amount, take the containers you want to paint and in single strokes with your paint brush or rag apply your paint color in smooth even strokes.
  • Place upside down on wax paper
  • Let dry for 24 hours
  • Bake in oven at 325F for 40 minutes to set the paint
  • Let cool and decorate as you wish!!!
The right transparency of this color was the extremely hard part for me.  So my tip for this project is definitely have a test glass jar that you want to “test” out your color on.
On the left is my first attempt with the transparency of the color.  Yeah, it wasn’t good at all.  The jar on the right was my second attempt.  Dear lord, help me through this, because this project really tested my patience to say the least.  There might have been some screaming and yelling and maybe some cursing.  Then I took a deep breath and continued to add water to the paint.  Then I washed off the paint and started over again.  A little soap and water and the paint came right off.

Here is what they looked like when I was done with all 6 of them.  I really don’t think these came out that good and I don’t think baking them is going to help any at all, but we will see what happens after they are baked.

OK the baking is done now!!!

I GOOFED this project up big time.  So now I’m here to show you how I think I goofed up this project and what you should NOT do to get this project done.  I have to buy new paint and new mason jars.  I will take these old ones that are messed up and paint them a solid color instead.  Not what I wanted, but I don’t want to just throw these out and since I already baked them in the oven, I can’t get the paint off now.  BOO!!!  :(

So the pictures you see above, well that is what they still look like after they came out of the oven.  I know it’s sad, but I was stupid and I guess I just goofed.  Maybe I shouldn’t have used the water to thin out the paint, but I didn’t think it was wrong.  It is a water based paint, so I thought that would work.  Maybe I didn’t water it down enough, I really don’t know.  Anyone know where I went wrong?  I would love to know actually.  But seriously, I wanted to share my goof with you guys still.  I still tried to do something that I had pinned on Pinterest awhile ago and that I’m proud of.  Just not proud of the way they turned out.  Actually I’m really mad with the way they turned out, but what can you do.  We should all share our failed attempts so we can learn from them.

So here is what you will really need to get this project done:
  • Mason jars or any jars of your choice
  • Glass paint {I will use Vitrea 160 Lacquer Blue and the Vitrea 160 dilutant-thinner}.  Vitrea 160 is a transparent paint for glass. Don’t get Vitrea 150, that is NOT transparent.  That is where I went wrong I believe with the paint I bought, even though it is meant for glass.
  • Paint brush, rag or sponge to apply your paint.  I’m going to use lint free stain pads like Jenn from Clean & Scentsible did, since hers came out so nice.
So there you have it, my failed attempt at my “pinned” Pinterest project.

You can also check out other “Pinned” Mason Jar Ideas I have on my Pinterest board.

Thanks for stopping by everyone!!!  Have a great day!!!  :)

Inspirational Eye Candy – Outdoor Spaces with Sunbrella

Oh Sunbrella, how I love thee.  You have to check out all the great stuff that Sunbrella pins on Pinterest.  I hope that when we redo our Sunroom that we can have some Sunbrella fabrics so that I don’t have to worry about anything getting wet.  πŸ˜‰
Let’s take a look at some of what Sunbrella has to offer.
Hello color!  Such an inviting area to sit.  Love all the pops of color.


I love that this furniture has Sunbrella slip covers over it to protect it from the elements.  And I really love turquoise & white together.

Lee Industries furniture with Sunbrella fabrics

White Sunbrella fabric was used even indoors.  What more could you ask for from a white fabric.  Waterproof and you can just wipe it off.  Nice!!!


Sunbrella Drapery.  So classy looking.  I might have to save my pennies for some of these draperies.


I love that you can use Sunbrella fabric indoors too.  Long lasting fabric even in the home.


Black & White shade system made with Sunbrella fabric.  What a gorgeous outdoor space.


Love these Nautical ideas that Sunbrella pinned on Pinterest.  They might not have their fabric in these pictures, but I love the nautical inspiration.

Buoys are so awesome with all of their colors.  So vibrant.  A nice collection of these would look awesome on the side of a shed in your yard.  Whether that shed was near water or not, it would still look awesome.  πŸ˜‰

Now that is what I call a cooler.  Wouldn’t that be awesome for a huge BBQ in your yard or at a private beach.

Sitting poolside!!!  Looks so relaxing.


I need this house.  Oh My Gosh!!!  I would never leave that outdoor area.  {sigh}


Who wouldn’t love to do this at the beach?  So cool!!!


Charming outdoor dining.  So cute.


Let’s check out some of the fabrics that Sunbrella has to offer, because there are some really gorgeous patterns.  You can check out all of their fabrics here.

Here is some of their fabrics that I love.  What awesome colors they have.  Can you tell I love blues and greens?  haha.  They have many colors to choose from, these were just the ones that I loved.

I had to add this one.  It is made by an Etsy vendor out of Sunbrella material.  How cool is that?  Love this color as well.  Color is Rust.  This bag is waterproof.  Love the ruffles.

Thanks Sunbrella for giving us such awesome inspiration on your Pinterest boards.

Thanks for stopping by everyone.  Have a great day!!!  :)

*Note:  I was not perked in anyway by Sunbrella for this review.  Just love what I see and I would love to use their fabrics one day.